Gyeongju: Bulguksa Temple

Jeff and I traveled to Gyeongju on Saturday, October 1st (the 3rd was a day off) and got there mostly too late to see anything. However, on Sunday, we got out sightseeing. Our first destination was Bulguksa Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bulguksa Temple is not right in town, but there are a couple of city buses that run to it (bus 10 or 11, 1500 Won). It takes 40 minutes to an hour to get there on the bus. When you head up the hill from the car park, you first see a row of food and souvenir vendors.

Next you get to the ticket booth and buy a ticket – 4000 Won per person. Through the gate is a nice-looking pond, then another gate with large wooden carved dudes in it.

As you approach the temple, you can see a stone tub off to the right where you can drink or fill a water bottle.

You can then see the temple itself.

You walk around the back to get into the temple complex. It is full of cool stuff.

If you continue around, there is an area where people build little stone piles or cairns.

You then come to a large bell.

Finally you can check out a gift shop. The temple is absolutely beautiful and I definitely recommend a visit. The buildings and sites are very well marked and described in Korean, English, and Japanese.

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