Foodie Friday: Food Trucks in DC

Washington, DC recently underwent an exciting revolution in food: the advent of food trucks (good ones). It’s still happening; new trucks open all the time. Sadly I didn’t get to try every truck while I was living there – time was short and so was my budget. However I did make it to many of them. Here’s a roundup of the ones I’ve been to.

Basil Thyme

Basil Thyme, an Italian truck mostly selling lasagna, was actually the last food truck I visited.

What I got: Giuseppe Lasagna, the vegetarian option, which had summer squash and portobello.

How Much: I upped the $9 lasagna to a $10 combo, which adds a soda, salad, and dessert. You get a huge, filling meal for what I think is a very reasonable price!

Where to Find It: Mondays – L’Enfant, Tuesdays – State Dept, Wednesdays – Farragut Square, Thursdays – GWU, Fridays – Franklin Square. I found it at Farragut Square.

Verdict: I gave it 5 stars on Yelp. This is some seriously delicious lasagna. The price is right, and it takes literally 1 minute to get your food even with a line!

Fojol Brothers of Merlindia

This is one of the quirkiest food trucks. Some hipster dudes will serve you delicious curry dressed in colorful jumpsuits, turbans, and fake moustaches. I’ve been here a couple of times.

What I Got: I’ve had Saag Paneer and Butter Chicken. I like the Butter Chicken better (but isn’t that always true?).

How Much: You can get a tiny cupful (with rice) for $2. Then prices are based on number of dishes, around $6-$9. Not bad!

Where to Find It: No set schedule – check their Twitter.

Verdict: Delicious. One of the best ones. Mmm, don’t miss it!

Fojol Brothers of Benethiopia

The same dudes who brought you the curry truck opened up an Ethiopian truck recently as well. I got the Berbere lentils and they were awesome. Sometimes I don’t like the flavor of injera but they do it right. It’s spicy too. The prices and lack of set schedule are the same, and they even share a Twitter. Go here too!

DC Slices

This pizza truck was one of the first to open but it took me awhile to try it. I guess it just wasn’t as exciting, being regular old pizza and all.

What I Got: One slice of cheese pizza (fresh basil added) and tater tots.

How Much: $4 per slice, Cajun tater tots are about $4 as well.

Where to Find It: No set schedule. Check their Twitter.

Verdict: Well, it’s the cheapest food truck in DC that I’m aware of. But the pizza is just not super. It’s kind of dry and bland. The tater tots were yummy though.

Pleasant Pops

This is a Mt. Pleasant based popsicle truck. I’m not usually a fan of popsicles, but they make such interesting ones with very fresh ingredients.

What I Got: Cucumber Chile Popsicle, Strawberries and Cream

How Much: $2.50 a pop.

Where to Find: The website has a schedule when they’re running. They go to farmer’s markets as well as the lunch spots.

Verdict: Surprisingly delicious! The cucumber chile was fresh and unique, and even a little spicy. Strawberries and cream was totally delicious. Definitely recommended – any flavor would be good!

Sauca [CLOSED]

Sauca serves of variety of “ethnic food” – Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, and even American.

What I Got: SOB Veggie – tomato salsa, saffron rice, beans, cotija cheese, mango pico de gallo, Chimichurri Sauce.

How Much: $7 for veggie sandwiches, $8 for meat ones.

Where to Find: Check Twitter, as they actually have 3 trucks.

Verdict: Very good quality! No pictures because, well, I ate it at the laundromat. But hey, it was delicious all the same.


I was excited about TaKorean – I mean, kimchi tacos? Sounds super intriguing! Read on to see how it didn’t turn out so well.

What I Got: Caramelized Tofu tacos with all toppings and Napa Romaine Slaw.

How Much: Tacos are $3.50 each. I got two. You can get 3 for $9.

Where to Find It: Mondays – 20th and L NW, Tuesdays – L’Enfant, Wednesdays – Farragut Square, Thursdays – Chinatown/Portrait Gallery, Fridays: Dupont Circle. I found it at L’Enfant.

Verdict: Well it was just as delicious and interesting as I’d hoped. The problem was I immediately got violently ill from eating it. It must contain the mystery ingredient that I’m allergic to, which I still haven’t figured out… on Yelp I noticed another person affected in the same way, so be cautious.


CapMac is a macaroni and cheese truck. Did you need to read more, or are you finding it right now?

What I Got: Classic Mac n Cheese which has pimiento cheese and a Cheez-It crumble, Butternut Squash soup.

How Much: $6 for mac n cheese (other varieties are $8) and $3 for soup.

Where to Find It: No set schedule, check Twitter.

Verdict: CapMac is delicious. I like their mac and cheese (it’s better if you don’t get the scrapings at the end of the day!) and their soups are wonderful. The first time we went to GWU to get it and they were closed up. We were talking to them and mentioned we came from Columbia Heights to eat there and they scraped up the leftovers and gave them to us for free! Thanks, CapMac, for taking pity on us. Go there!

Fry Captain [CLOSED]

A French fry and milkshake truck.

What I Got: Duck fat fries and a chocolate milkshake.

How Much: Can’t remember, sorry, and the website’s down. I know it was around $4 for duck fat fries and $4 for a milkshake?

Where to Find It: No idea; they haven’t tweeted since July (do they still exist? I hope so).

Verdict: They came to my place of work, the Museum of American History, one day when there was a food conference there. It was the shortest line so I got in it because my lunch break was short. They only had duck fat fries which cost a bit extra (they seemed to always only have that, when I asked). The fries were good, and they have fun dips (I got curry mayo). The milkshake, though, was what was really impressive. Mmmm.

Eat Wonky [CLOSED]

The poutine truck.

What I Got: Poutine (AKA Wonky Fries). I’ve also had the grilled cheese, and was once given a Whoopie Pie free!

How Much: Fries and grilled cheese are around $6. Don’t know about whoopie pies…

Where to Find It: Check the website for a schedule. It changes but they put it up in advance at least.

Verdict: I LOVE this truck. The grilled cheese is a little boring, but still yummy. So so good! [EDIT: Tragically, this truck has been retired! Life in DC will never be the same.]

Curbside Cupcakes

The big pink cupcake truck.

What I Got: Red Velvet cupcake, Chocolate with Cream Cheese Icing

How Much: $3

Where to Find It: They’ve got three trucks now, check their Facebook page for updates.

Verdict: Good cupcakes, typical DC cupcake price. Sort of small. Get one with cream cheese icing.

Love Bites

Another cupcake truck. This one’s red.

What I Got: Pumpkin Pie cupcake

How Much: about $3

Where to Find It: Not sure if it still exists. Website is down and Twitter hasn’t updated since June…

Verdict: Tasty cupcakes! I appreciate the non-traditional flavors.

DC Empanadas

Delicious empanadas!

What I Got: Taj Mahal (Chicken Tikka), Executive Order (Bacon Cheeseburger), Veggie Nirvana (tastes like a samosa).

How Much: I don’t know! Maybe $3 per empanada? Sorry.

Where to Find It: Monday – check website, Tuesday – Union Station, Wednesday – State Dept, Thursday – L’Enfant, Friday – Metro Center

Verdict: Very good. Had it at the Curbside Cookoff before they even got a truck! They had a van and a table instead. Definitely recommended.

The Big Cheese Truck

A grilled cheese truck.

What I Got: Midnight Moon – goat gouda with caramelized onions on multigrain.

How Much: $6.50 per sandwich.

Where to Find It: Check website, schedule is updated weekly.

Verdict: Tasty but a little expensive for grilled cheese.

Tasty Kabob

A kabob truck.

What I Got: Veggies with rice (chickpeas and spinach with spicy and creamy sauces).

How Much: $7 for veggies, up to $9 for meat plates.

Where to Find It: See schedule online.

Verdict: Really, really good. The veggie plate is tasty and huge – enough to share! It’s actually one of the best trucks for vegetarians, perhaps a bit strangely.

So thus ends my DC food truck roundup. My favorites: Eat Wonky, Basil Thyme, Tasty Kabob, and the Fojol Bros trucks. Enjoy your eating!

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