Indie Travel Challenge 2012: Uncharacteristic Resolutions

I really enjoyed taking part in BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Project. So I was pretty excited to read that they’ve launched a new project along the same lines, the Indie Travel Challenge 2012. This involves a weekly prompt every week this year. I intend to participate.

The very first prompt is about this year’s travel resolutions. Once upon a time I made New Year’s Resolutions but they were always lame and general and I forgot about them. So I stopped for many years. But I think this might be interesting, to make a very specific list of travel resolutions this year. If you want some more general but still worthwhile resolution ideas check out BootsnAll’s list of travel resolutions to keep this year.

My 2012 Travel Resolutions

This year, I resolve to do the following:

  • Travel to Malaysia and Singapore for two weeks in February with only a day pack and my purse (and whatever I can fit in my Scottevest jacket). [Success! Completed February 2012. I bought a camera case along the way so came home with one extra, but small, bag.]
  • Eat at least 75% of the foods on the exhaustive Malaysian and Singaporean foods list that two Malaysian girls and a Singaporean girl wrote for us. [It depends a little on how you count it, but we were at least almost there. And we sure tried.]
  • Give the ‘king of fruits’ another chance at the Durian Buffet in KL. [Couldn’t bring ourselves to do a durian buffet, and our KL friend told us not to if we weren’t sure we’d like it, anyway. We had some durian egg creams… I couldn’t take it. So durian and I are still not friends.]
  • Take inappropriate pictures with the statues at Love Land on Jeju Island. [completed 21 January 2012]
  • See a performance of Nanta (also known as Cookin). [completed 7 January 2012]
  • Eat at a temple food restaurant, preferably the one I found in Insadong. [completed 28 April 2012; or at least, I ate at an actual temple so I am counting it]
  • Visit all of Korea’s UNESCO World Heritage listed sites. [completed 16 August 2012]
  • Learn 10 more students’ names. [completed 27 March 2012 – I now know 준표 (Junpyo), two 지원s (Jiwon), 예원 (Yewon), 체원 (Chewon), 세연 (Seyeon), 은체 (Eunche), 진희 (Jinhee), 예진 (Yejin), and 민희 (Minhee)]
  • Send the rest of my postcards, and my Christmas package to my family (late but… oh well). [finally completed May 2012 – sent off the last postcard to my grandparents]
  • Buy a new camera. [completed 6 January 2012]
  • Plan and begin a round-the-world journey. [it was begun 29 August 2012]
  • Go to at least one other Southeast Asian country, besides Singapore and Malaysia. [completed upon entering Vietnam]
  • Eat at least one new, strange food – I’m thinking I want to do a shot of snake blood… [I suspect that live octopus counts. April 2012]
  • Book a ticket on the Trans-Siberian railroad (assuming the timing works out right for this year to be the right time to book). [Not happening as we’ve decided not to take the Trans-Siberian!]
  • Write a post for all the Indie 2012 prompts (even if it’s late – I’m not bringing a computer on my February trip, for instance). [they didn’t finish them but the way I worded this means I completed the resolution anyway!]
  • Post at least 3 blog posts per week all year.

So, that’s it. That’s what I will accomplish in 2012. I know I will accomplish much more but I wanted this list to be manageable and doable. I think making it specific helps. Here’s to a fun year!

12 thoughts on “Indie Travel Challenge 2012: Uncharacteristic Resolutions

  1. Erin

    Rachel – Your list sounds so exciting and I’m looking forward to reading about your travels as you go! It’s great how Indie 30 and now Indie 2012 introduce me to so many great blogs.

    1. Rachel Post author

      Thanks, Erin! I agree about the Indie challenges being a great way to find new blogs. Yours look cool too – will be fun to follow!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Glad to hear that some of the things on there will be good like I hoped. I actually already did the dolmens because EPIK took us to Ganghwa Island during orientation – guess I’m lucky! Thanks and good luck to you too.

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