Winter Travel

It’s week four of the Indie Travel Challenge. The prompt is: what’s your winter travel style? Do you like to go warm or enjoy cold places?

I like doing both. I enjoy skiing even though I’m bad at it (and this year it has not treated me well) and I also definitely enjoy taking advantage of off-season deals. If the weather’s not too bad I’m happy to brave the cold, as I did this weekend on Jeju Island where it was snowing and blowing gale force winds. Most of my time in New Zealand was spent in the winter, and I just threw on my thermals and I was happy.

But I also enjoy being warm (but not too warm). This winter (in just a couple of weeks) I’ll be headed to Malaysia and Singapore where it is positively hot (high 80s/low 90s Fahrenheit now).

Weather definitely affects how I see and enjoy a place, as much as I try not to let it. However if something’s beautiful it’s usually beautiful in bad weather too. Basically, I won’t let winter or the weather stop me (within reason).

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  1. The World of Deej
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 10:05:34

    Glad you’re adaptable in travel. I’ve never understood those that complain about rain, heat or cold on vacation. Get out there! You didn’t come all that way to sit in the hotel…


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