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It’s week 5 of the BootsnAll Indie Travel Challenge. This week is all about traveling in Asia.

I’m living in Asia now – have lived here for over 5 months. And yet I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface, since I have only been to South Korea so far. I am excited to begin my exploration of the rest of the continent in about a week and a half (which reminds me, I should really plan that trip).

So far, the coolest place I’ve been in Korea is Jeju Island, and I just now went there. Michael Hodson has a great article about how the New 7 Wonders competition was a total scam – I highly recommend you read it. Jeju was a recipient of the award, and many people scoffed at that before they even knew about the scam part. I’m here to tell you that fake prize or not, Jeju is worthy of a visit. Maybe it’s not one of the world’s top natural wonders but it is certainly incredible in its own right. It’s not really on the Western tourist radar yet because it requires a flight from Seoul, but it should be.

The island was made by volcanic eruptions 2 million years ago. Therefore you have a lot of really cool natural formations to see in a relatively small area.

The island has three sites that are recognized together as a UNESCO World Heritage site. These are Seongsan Ilchulbong (aka sunrise peak), Hallasan (the volcano in the middle of the island, and Korea’s highest mountain), and finally the lava tube system.

Jeju’s lave tube system is regarded as the finest in the world. While I can’t compare it to any others I can say you should absolutely take a walk through a lava tube, as it was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps if you’re visiting South Korea you will consider a visit to Jeju, as it is absolutely worth your time.

As for the rest of Asia, there are many places I am really excited to see. A short list would include: Angkor Wat, all of Thailand, and taking a horse trek in Mongolia. I think those things are on the radar for the not-too-distant future.

Where in Asia have you been that you loved, or where do you most want to go?

11 thoughts on “Travels in Asia

  1. Kaylin

    I live in Korea now too (also for the past 5 months or so! Are you with EPIK?), and Jeju is DEFINITELY on my to-do list in the spring… I want to go there when it’s warm! Thinking about it during a long weekend in May. It looks really cool! (And I want to go to the “penis park” haha)

    I can also say: I just got back from my winter vacation in Thailand and Cambodia and you should SO GO. Like, now. Or whenever you can ASAP. It is amazing. Angkor wat is amazing (all of Cambodia really). Just do it, for sure.

    1. Kaylin

      OK, I obviously can’t read because I just now saw you are with EPIK in Incheon on the sidebar haha! Silly me.

      PS I live in Busan šŸ™‚

      1. Rachel Post author

        Hi Kaylin!

        Thanks for commenting. Indeed I’m in EPIK as well. You should absolutely 100% make it to Jeju (and May I hear should be the best possible time! My boyfriend’s parents are visiting then so hopefully I can make it an excuse to go back). I will definitely make it to Cambodia and Thailand… I’m taking my vacation starting the 11th to Malaysia and Singapore – can’t wait! Then after the one year contract is up I’m headed to SE Asia, China, Mongolia, and beyond.

        I haven’t made it to Busan yet but I have heard great things and will definitely be visiting. I also want food recommendations so I will probably hit you up for those… hehe.

  2. Greg

    When Jeff showed me those rocks I thought “There’s no way they can be real! They’re too cool to exist!” I keep thinking this as I look at them here. Those are some of the coolest rocks I have ever seen, by far! Like perfect little hexagons… And they’re right near the lava tubes, too. This may be one of the most excellent places on the planet, I think. And I’ve never even been there!

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