Foodie Friday: Hongdae’s Best Burger

There’s a restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul called Burger B that serves up some excellent burgers. They’re the best I’ve had so far in Korea and better than many I’ve had in the US. I would call them Seoul’s best burgers, but there are a couple other places (Yaletown and Jacoby’s) that are supposed to be excellent that I haven’t tried.

Anyway, if you go into Burger B you’ll notice that it feels like a Western pub. All the servers speak at least some English and the menu in English first. There’s Guinness on tap and a jukebox in the corner.

The burgers are tasty and not overly expensive (most are 8000 Won). You should go here.

Here are very specific directions to Burger B: first, get off at Hongik University and take exit 9. Turn left just outside of the exit. Turn right when you get to Sexy Cookie and Lens Story, then turn left at the first major road you come to – there will be a Taco Bell across the street from you. You will be walking towards a really big building that’s the entrance to Hongik University. Turn right when you get to the T intersection at Hongik University. Go straight down that road past the park. You’ll come to American Apparel, and just past American Apparel there’s a store called Customellow, turn right at the alley just past Customellow. Burger B will be on your left. Now you will be able to enjoy deliciousness!

You can read another review I wrote about Burger B for Seoul Eats here.

7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Hongdae’s Best Burger

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  4. Drew & Heidi

    The review was spot on. These burgers are delicious. Best directions Ive ever found on the the web for finding a place in Seoul.

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