Foodie Friday: Jeju Eats

Besides black pork, I had a few other delicious things on Jeju. Here’s a quick summary.

Jeju produces these orange-flavored chocolates, which are in the shape of harubang (stone fertility/protection statues) which are unique to Jeju.

The island is well-known for its citrus fruit. We went to a farm where you can pay a bit to pick your own fruit (eat as many as you want on the spot, and you can take home five). Here is a mandarin orange I picked (err, cut) off a tree.

We went to Bagdad Cafe in Jeju-si, an Indian place. As I’ve mentioned before, Indian food in Korea tends to be the wrong kind of spicy. Paneer butter masala is not really a spicy dish… but this one was. Still good though.

Udo, an island off of Jeju, is famous for its peanuts. I got a bag of little breads – each one filled with exactly one delicious roasted peanut.

Ddeokguk, or rice cake soup, is a traditional Korean New Year’s dish. Eating it will give you luck and make you one year older.

Our last meal on Jeju Island was at Zapatas, a Mexican restaurant in Jeju-si. I had a veggie burrito and a cheese quesadilla. It was delicious – some of the best Mexican food I have eaten in Korea.

As you can see, there is a lot of tastiness to enjoy on Jeju Island!

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