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This week’s Indie Challenge prompt is about planning a trip to Europe. This is good timing because I have just started planning my round the world trip, which will include stops in Europe. I will probably be there a maximum of 3 months (could be more or less depending on visa realities and how much money I have left by that point). My timeline is very tentative but I expect at this point to be in Europe in early summer of 2013. Here are the three countries I’m most excited about (I didn’t include Turkey because it’s only partially in Europe).

Croatia – I don’t know why, but I’m really drawn to Eastern Europe at the moment. Maybe it’s that it doesn’t feel so well-trodden a destination, and it seems more undiscovered. Or maybe it’s just that it’s cheaper than Western Europe. Anyway, Eastern Europe is calling to me – especially the Balkans. Croatia looks really excellent. I plan to go to at least Plitvice Lakes National Park, Dubrovnik, and the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.

Photo by flickr user Aitor Salaberria

Slovenia – It seems like a lot of travel bloggers have been talking about and loving Ljubljana these days. It sounds like a wonderful place and the country seems to have a lot of beautiful places going for it, like Bled and Portorož.

Photo by flickr user Frank Fujimoto

Spain – There are so many factors drawing me to Spain. Its rich culture and history. Its gorgeous horses. My undying love for Spanish goat cheeses. I want to go just about everywhere in Spain, and stuff myself to bursting on tapas. I also do want to ride an Andalusian horse in Spain – an adolescent dream coming true.

Photo by flickr user decade-null

Of course there are many more places I want to go in Europe. I look forward to seeing gorgeous places and eating amazing food there next year.

Got any suggestions for where I must go in Europe?

3 thoughts on “Going to Europe

  1. andreasherrodd

    I just found your blog, but I feel like we are living parallel lives! 🙂 My husband and I are living in Gyeonggi-do Gwangju, teaching English, traveling Asia and planning our RTW trip for next year, which will (hopefully) end in Eastern Europe as well, depending on when we run out of money. I can’t wait to read all about your adventures! Love your blog so far 🙂

    1. Rachel Post author

      Wow, that’s so cool! Thanks for reading and glad you’re enjoying it. It looks like you came to Korea a bit later so you have a little more time to plan… I’m realizing just how soon we’ll be taking off to Thailand! Your winter vacation trip looks like it was great. I loved KL as well! If you want some eating buddies for some delicious food in Seoul on some weekend… we love food! 🙂

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