Delicious Crusty Bread in Seoul

If you’ve been in Korea for any amount of time like me, you probably know that’s it’s nearly impossible to get very good bread. I like the white bread sold at Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jours, honestly I do (it’s much better than white bread back home) but at times you crave a hearty, crusty bread. Or one that’s not white bread or the occasional baguette. But it’s nearly impossible to find.

Not anymore! Jeff and I found the holy grail of bread stores: one that sells real, delicious, fresh-baked bread that’s crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. As we were bringing it home on the metro, a man came up to us with a desperate look in his eyes asking where we got it (and even, “can I feel it?”). He was getting off the train but we had enough time to give him the phone number which was on the bag.

The place to get this bread is called Bakersfield. It’s at Gangnam Station exit 11. Take the exit, then turn right at Paris Baguette. It will be on your left in about a block (you will pass a Johnny Rocket’s). Look for a bunch of bread in the window or follow the smell. A half loaf of bread, like the Baker’s Dark we got, is 4500 Won, while a whole is 8000. There are smaller loaves available of different kinds (about 5-8 types of bread available). They also have sandwiches and delicious looking baked goods.

Do you know of any other great places like this in Seoul?

7 thoughts on “Delicious Crusty Bread in Seoul

  1. Laura

    Very interesting!

    I had assumed that all baked goods in Korea were yummy (as per my limited experience with delicious baked goods in Annandale). I wonder why it’s so difficult to find good bread then . . .

    1. Rachel Post author

      They are yummy, in fact. I buy pastries and stuff there all the time. They’re just sort of limited to what suits the Korean palate, which does not include good bread. The Annandale Korean bakeries are just like bakeries in Korea, by the way.

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