Latin American Travel

This week’s Indie Travel Challenge prompt is about travel stories from Latin America. I’m sure plenty of people who’ve traveled in Latin America have good transportation stories. But I just don’t have anything great. However, I promised myself I’d write a post for every prompt, so here’s one for you.

The year is 2005 and I’m on a comfortable bus tour of Costa Rica. There are 12 people from my school, and the rest of the bus is made up of a few more groups from different parts of the US. The bus is a plush tour bus so no discomfort there. But one time, we got to a small creek and had to cross it. The bridge was questionable at best – just a bunch of planks thrown over the gap haphazardly. Our guide had us get out and take pictures of what he called the “Death Bridge” or the “Pray Now Bridge” or maybe the “Wet Your Pants Bridge.”

I don

So anyway, then we got over the bridge and all was well.

Another time, I had to take a school bus on a couple hour journey in Costa Rica to a small village. It was really uncomfortable.

So those are my Latin American travel stories. Hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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