In Pictures: LA’s Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar and Pool

As you may know, I’m not the greatest fan of Los Angeles. In fact, it’s my least favorite city so far. This is largely due to the fact that you basically can’t walk around LA (though you can walk around certain parts of it).

Still, I had some enjoyable experiences in LA during the two times I’ve been there.

Right when we arrived in LA in August 2009, Jeff’s older brother and his then-girlfriend (now wife!) decided to take us to downtown LA to check out the Standard Hotel’s rooftop bar and pool.

We were a little jet-lagged so an afternoon of chilling by the pool sounded great to me.

When I think of LA, it’s places like this that I think of: hip and fancy. Also, I’d seen this particular bar highlighted on some travel show or other. I didn’t necessarily see anyone rich and famous, but I’d bet that some of the people there were rich.

Our friend who was on a cross-country motorcycle journey also happened to be in LA that day, and joined us for a couple of hours at the pool.

Overall, this is a great place to hang out and feel cool. You can go up if you’re not a guest. When we went, there was no cover charge or anything (I think there is at night, however). The bar is super expensive, but you can be cheap and not even get a drink there, like we did, and just have some great views of downtown LA and a relaxing environment.

3 thoughts on “In Pictures: LA’s Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar and Pool

  1. andreasherrodd

    I think you are just seeing the wrong parts of L.A., have you been to Venice Beach? That is an interesting area, amazing people watching! I also really like the Santa Monica Pier, and I went to a really awesome flea market in West Hollywood. HIpster L.A. > fancy L.A. πŸ™‚

    1. Rachel Post author

      Yep, I’ve been to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. Haven’t been to West Hollywood though my boyfriend’s oldest brother lives there now. But the thing is, just because there are cool parts of LA doesn’t mean I don’t dislike the other parts. Plus my major problem with LA is the fact that you always have to drive, anywhere. I would really dislike living there because of that. Living in DC, I could walk, bike, or metro just about anywhere in the city. So that’s why I don’t like LA… sadly the cool hipster parts don’t redeem it for me!

  2. andreasherrodd

    Haha, I hear ya. I really hate driving…when I was in LA my friends just drove me around so I didn’t think about that as much, but you are right, that would be annoying if living there. Maybe I’m just a little more used to it though, because Seattle is pretty spread out too, and I usually had to drive or bus everywhere, you can really only walk once in the neighborhoods/districts, not between them. But yah…I hate driving. πŸ™‚

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