Travel Challenges

This week’s Indie Travel Challenge prompt asks about a difficult travel moment and how you learned from it.

What I am finding most difficult about this post is thinking of something to talk about for it. Of course my travel experiences haven’t been perfect, but there hasn’t been something that really stuck out as a learning experience. I’m sure it’ll happen with our next trip.

So instead I’m going to write about a challenge I faced before one of my big trips (beyond deciding whether to skip my grandfather’s funeral).

The year was 2008. I had made a decision on where to study abroad – New Zealand. I applied, and got all my documents in on time. Then I got a call from the company (who shall not be named) – they lost my documents. I needed to resend.

My parents weren’t thrilled. In fact, they told me I could not go through that company. I told the company such, they thought my parents overreacted. But my parents didn’t want to send me with a company that couldn’t even handle my documents. Anyway, I was crushed. My dreams for traveling to New Zealand were over. There wasn’t even really time to think about applying for another program – deadlines were looming or over. The other companies for New Zealand were too expensive.

Or so I thought. But then my parents decided I could go with another company. For several days, I had thought my travel dreams couldn’t be, but then suddenly, I rushed to apply to the other program and got in. And I did go to New Zealand.

I guess what this experience taught me was that everything will work out, if one travel door closes another will probably open. Actually, when I applied to EPIK initially, Jeff’s reference letters didn’t get in on time and we couldn’t make the cut for the February intake. We had to wait 6 long, agonizing months (not to mention, redo all of our paperwork – this seems to be a recurring theme with me…) to get to Korea.

But eventually, we made it. As for our next trip, hopefully nothing will postpone or derail it. But if something happens, I will know that there will be other chances. Because I make travel a priority, it will happen.

Have you had any challenges while traveling that you learned from?

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