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This week’s Indie Travel Challenge prompt asks about what tools you use to organize your travel inspiration.

I am constantly dreaming about travel. Even to the point where I sometimes find myself thinking about future travel while I am traveling. I get nearly all my inspiration from travel blogs (see my links for my favorites). Every time I open up Google Reader, my RSS feed reader of choice, I find something new that I really, really want to do, or a place I just must go.

This constant dreaming of wanderlust goes well with my obsession with making lists. One day a year or so ago, I stumbled across a mention of the website Evernote (I think it was on LifeHacker but I’m not sure). I decided to test it out.

Evernote allows you to make notes (pretty simple really). You can tag them to organize them. You can upload pictures, PDFs, and documents as well. If there are words in your picture, Evernote is smart enough that they are now searchable (how cool is that?). You can sync across various devices like your computer and your phone.

Now, Evernote has become an essential part of my life. The only problem now is that it has been blocked at my school. I was totally devastated at that point – I use it for everything! How can I add stuff to my “places and things to see (world)” note? Or my “foods to try” one, organized by country?

I decided to take my places to go and things to eat lists to a new level when I signed up for Pinterest. Here is my profile there. I have now started to visualize my Evernote lists – so I’ve got things I want to eat and places I want to go.

This has become a sort of terrible addiction, but luckily I only do it sporadically now. At least, now that I’m planning a round the world trip, I have plenty of material to pull from!

How do you get your travel inspiration?

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