Gringos Korea: Mail Order Burritos in South Korea

Recently, I was contacted by Gringos Korea and asked to review their mail order burritos. Never one to pass up tasty Mexican food, I agreed.

Gringos Korea is run by Mike and Mark, two hagwon teachers living near Seoul. They make burritos, chili, salsa, and dip and ship them frozen to anywhere in Korea. It takes about a week (or a little more) to get the burritos.

The first burrito I tried was the bacon breakfast burrito. I thawed it overnight, and as soon as I unwrapped the plastic a delicious smell hit me. I heated it up (just half, sadly I had to share with Jeff) and was really excited to see the cheese oozing out of it. The potatoes were fluffy, the egg was good, and the bacon was tasty and salty. Now that’s a good start to your day.

The next morning, I tried the chorizo breakfast burrito. There are fewer potatoes in it, but that’s made up for by the fact that there are refried beans. Also, the chorizo is spicy and very flavorful. It definitely packs more of a punch than the bacon one. Both are delicious; it just depends on your mood really.

For dinner, I ate the vegetarian burrito. Before coming to Korea, I tried out being vegetarian for four months. I know that there are good veggie burritos, and there are bad ones too. Happily, this was a good one! There is well-spiced, firm and meaty tofu, rice, cheese, and refried beans. The best thing about this burrito is that the fillings are proportioned perfectly. There isn’t too much of anything. It’s slightly spicy and totally delicious. Exactly what you want in a vegetarian burrito!

The chicken burrito was very similar to the vegetarian burrito, but with nicely spiced chicken instead of nicely spiced tofu. Delicious!

Next it was on to the non-burrito items. First up, bean and cheese dip. I was struck first by how oniony it tasted. It’s very smooth, very tasty, and has enough cheese. You can also get it with chorizo mixed in – I can only imagine the yumminess. It’s addictive!

Another thing to dip your chips in is the salsa. This salsa is a little spicy, and has plenty of chunks of tomato, while still being mostly liquid. For me this is a pretty good consistency for salsa. It’s good salsa, but probably the weak point of Gringos’ offerings – just meaning it’s nothing special. The rest of the food is great, and the salsa is just good.

Finally, I tried the chili. I love chili, but I am kind of picky about it. It needs to be well seasoned and not have too much meat. It should have plenty of beans, too. Well, this chili fulfilled my requirements and had a generous dose of cheese as well. Score! [Apologies for the lack of picture – I devoured my half of the chili before I remembered to take one!]

Overall, the stuff that Gringos Korea makes is delicious. It is some of the best Mexican food you can get in Korea, and it’s deliverable right to your door! The veggie burrito is the only good veggie burrito I have found in Korea. And you could make it vegan too. Everything is kind of spicy, which I like, but you can order it ‘mild’ if you don’t like spicy stuff. Best of all, the price is quite reasonable! I highly recommend trying them out if you live in Korea and crave burritos.


  • Price: A 6 pack is 30,000 Won, while a 12 pack is 55,000 Won. You can mix it up however you want – it’s 6 or 12 items, so for example, that could be 5 burritos and 1 salsa, or 1 burrito, 3 chilis, and 2 bean dips. Shipping is 7,500 Won in the Seoul Metro area and 10,000 Won to locations outside of the Seoul Metro area (Incheon counts as the Seoul metro area!).
  • How to Order: Head to this website. Follow the directions. Sit by the door and wait for your delicious burritos (okay, maybe you don’t want to sit by the door for 7-10 days – but they’ll come soon!).

Disclaimer: Gringos Korea provided me with free shipping and a free salsa. However, all views expressed are my own.

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