Travel Techniques: Keeping Up with Your Favorite Shows On the Road

If you’re like me, you are totally obsessed with TV. My all time favorite shows are Buffy and Doctor Who. The shows I was watching when they were on are Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Parks and Recreation, Community, and the Vampire Diaries (also Fringe, but I’m not caught up). Later in the year, I’ll watch True Blood, Misfits, and Doctor Who.

So how do I keep up with all that? Part of it is just a time issue. Since I’m working a regular job and only traveling on the weekends, it’s pretty easy. I watch an episode of something almost every night. Again, like I said, I’m obsessed. I expect to fall behind more when I’m actually traveling, although I will have a lot of time on buses and trains.

You almost certainly won’t have access to a TV most of the time when traveling, and even if you do, it probably won’t be playing the shows you want (plus, other countries tend to broadcast behind the US or UK schedule). So how can you keep watching? Here are some ideas.

  • Check the network’s website. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the CW, PBS, and HBO generally offer the latest 2 or 3 episodes of their current shows. However, they are typically only available in the US (similarly, BBC’s iPlayer has the last 7 days of programming, but is only available in the UK). Here’s a LifeHacker article on running a free proxy, and another one on various ways to get access to blocked stuff on the web, including country-locked shows. This is not a good option if you’re way behind on the show, by the way.
  • Check Hulu. Hulu is US only, too, so see the link above to use it. Again, it’s mostly new stuff. Same goes for Netflix Instant Streaming.
  • Download the show from iTunes or Amazon Instant VideoYou can find basically anything you want here, new or old, but it will cost you money ($1.99 an episode).
  • Look on TV Links. TV Links catalogs links to each episode of almost every show. Click on the episode title you want. Click “all search results” for a full list of availability. Note: many of the links are of questionable legality and have the potential to harm your computer. Use this option with caution.
  • Use BitTorrents. Note: BitTorrents are usually not legal and have a high potential for harming your computer. If you still want to use this option (basically, you would be downloading shows to your computer), here is a LifeHacker article on a beginner’s guide to BitTorrent, one on the best torrent trackers, and one about the best torrent applications.

There you have it, the sum of my knowledge on ways to keep up your favorite shows. If you’re not away for long, it’s easiest to just wait until you’re back to catch up. But if you’re traveling long-term, or you really need to see the show when it comes out (no judgement here), these methods may help.

Do you have any other ways to keep up with shows when you’re away from the TV?

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