Restaurant Review: Addio a Napoli

A little while ago, two out of my five Korean co-teachers recommended the same restaurant to me.

“You should try it,” they said. “It’s in New Songdo. It’s called Pizzeria.”

I asked if they were sure about the name. It seemed a little generic to me, and I couldn’t find it online (not that that’s unusual for Korea). But they seemed pretty sure. So on a recent day off, Jeff and I decided to check out New Songdo, an area of Incheon we hadn’t explored before, and try to find the place.

New Songdo is kind of a ghost town. Most of it is still under construction, and not too many people have moved in yet. But there are plenty of restaurants there now.

I called my co-teacher to ask for directions but she hadn’t walked there.  I called a friend but she’d never heard of it. We ended up trying to find a different pizza place, called What’s Dave or something, and we did find it but they were on a between-dinner-and-lunch break. Some other foreigners managed to help us find ‘Pizzeria’ which is small and a bit difficult to spot. But they were also on a break.

Luckily we had some friends to hang out with until dinnertime, after getting a snack at Kraze Burgers. I’m stubborn, and now I was even more determined to eat at this place.

Finally, we got there and managed to get a table immediately (it’s a small place).

The first thing I noticed about the menu was that it was handwritten in cute, visually pleasing writing with nice pictures.

The second thing I noticed was the delicious looking pizzas – they looked like real Naples-style pizza. The third thing I noticed was the high prices.

There are two-person lunch specials that are a decent deal but of course, we missed getting there at lunch unfortunately. We ordered a pasta and a pizza anyway.

The first thing you get is a big thing of pizza dough, sprinkled with parmesan and served with a dipping sauce of garlic, salt, and oil. The dough was really tasty. I got excited for the pizza.

Our mushroom cream pasta came out next. It was excellent. Very creamy, lots of tasty mushrooms, a nice topping of arugula.

And last we got our four cheese pizza. The four cheeses are mozzarella di bufala, Reggiano, Gorgonzola, and… cream cheese.

Yep, that big lump that looks like ricotta on that slice? Cream cheese. We sort of overlooked this while reading the menu. It was a bit of a shock, since they put a ton of cream cheese on there, and cream cheese has quite a strong flavor. It overwhelmed the other cheeses. I wish they’d done ricotta, or at least but a bit less cream cheese.

However, the crust was great and it was still a tasty pizza. They gave us an incredibly sweet dipping sauce with the pizza which we did not use.

The whole time we were there we were trying to figure out the name of the place. Was it really just Pizzeria? Some evidence suggested yes. But on the way out I noticed this sign:

Aha! I thought. It does have a name. Addio a Napoli.

Overall, we really liked the place. It’s expensive but a nice place for a date night or classy outing with friends. Read the pizza toppings carefully though – most of them are normal, but you may want to avoid a cream cheese surprise!


  • Location: 3-1 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 032-834-7222. It’s down the street (away from Central Park) from the Coast Guard building, one or two blocks down on the same side of the road. You will pass What’s Dave’s, or whatever it’s called. It’s near A Twosome Place (if you get to A Twosome Place you’ve just passed it). Look for the Pizzeria sign.
  • Price: Around 20,000 Won a person.
  • Hours: 11:30 AM – 3 PM, 5 PM – 11 PM

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