Boston’s Granary Burying Ground

When I went to Boston in May of 2011 with Jeff and our friends Stan and Carla, we decided to walk along the Freedom Trail, a path of historic sites within easy walking distance of each other.

One of the first places we stopped was the Granary Burying Ground. Wikipedia names it the city’s third oldest cemetery. It has the graves of a few famous people. Mostly, I was just fascinated with how the old gravestones looked – some very simple, some intricately carved, and some even falling over. Here are some pictures I took.

Lt. Jabez Smith, Jr. (1751-1780) was a Marine lieutenant aboard the Continental ship Trumball. His family had a replica of the ship carved on his grave.

Coins are left around notable graves, such as Mary Goose’s. Mary Goose is reported to have been the original Mother Goose, although it is fairly doubtful that this is true.

Paul Revere’s grave is another one to receive coins.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, and this obelisk was erected in memorial of his parents and relatives. Franklin himself is buried in Philadelphia.

The death’s-head symbol, which is non-religious, was the earliest symbol used on graves at Granary Burying Ground, and the most plentiful.

John Hancock’s grave is marked by a large and elaborate marker.

There was a recent article on Chicky Bus about whether photographing cemeteries was appropriate, and where the line is for what is and isn’t okay. Personally I think that historic cemeteries are fair game, since there are no living immediate family members to be sure to respect.

The Granary Burying Ground is very interesting and worth a stop.

Do you like looking at graveyards?

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