Pizza Peel: Calzones in Korea

The Pizza Peel might not have as good calzones as you can find in New York. And it might not have as good calzones as you can find in DC. And for all I know it might not have as good calzones as you can find in Tekonsha, Michigan. But it might have the best calzones in Korea.

1 Second Summary    

I was neither overly impressed or the slightest bit disappointed, but the expense is a bit much for me to visit too often.

The Details

Rachel and I stopped in Itaewon to get some vaccines for our upcoming trip and decided that, while there, we might as well indulge in a pizza-like object of the calzone variety. Now these ‘zones aren’t cheap. There are three varieties that will run you about 15,000 Won or you can build your own from a decent sized list of mostly unexceptional fillings starting at 11,000 (plus 1,000-2,000 per filling). They are large, but not heavily stuffed so Rachel and I were each able to eat a whole one (barely). They are baked in a brick oven, but the crust remains a little doughy and is very nice to eat with their gratis fresh-made tomato sauce of really excellent caliber.


Take subway line 6 to Itaewon station exit 4. Go straight and turn left at the alleyway near the McDonald’s. Go ~10 meters. It’s on your right.


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