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Last week’s Indie Travel Challenge prompt asked what Asian country would you pick to eat food from for a month?

Well, I won’t pick Korea because I already ate there for a year and that would just be boring, even though I am very familiar with and like the food. The thing about Korean food, though, is that after a while it gets old. There are only a few prominent flavors and I found myself getting tired of them.

I love Malaysian food of course, and I could definitely do that.

But I’m going to pick China. Mostly because I will be there soon for a month so I will actually be doing this! Since I will see several different parts of China, I will be able to sample a wide variety of food. China is huge and has many distinct regions, and it has as many types of foods as it does different areas. Therefore I won’t get bored with the food – I can just eat a different type.

I’ve eaten Chinese food in America of course, but I’m very interested to see how it is different in China. I want to sample just about everything. I also want to make sure and stuff myself as full of dumplings as possible.

I’m very excited for Chinese food and would love your sampling suggestions in the comments!

Which Asian country would you eat food from for a month?

2 thoughts on “Food in Asia

  1. Grace

    I would absolutely pick China, because in addition to being delicious, the variety is amazing. Chinese food in the US is not very similar to Chinese food in China (partly because American Chinese food is generally only from certain regions).

    There’s so much good food: xiao long bao, lanzhou noodles (the knife cut noodles or paomo are good), Peking duck, dongpo pork, Uighur or Xinjiang cuisine (they eat bread which is very exciting after weeks of noodles/rice only). So excited for you!
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