My Favorite Bar in Korea

Well, I don’t drink, so you might think that I don’t have any business reviewing a bar, but there is more to bars than drinking. A wise man once said, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.” I found just such a place in Incheon, South Korea.

It’s a bar by the name of Cheap Shots and it’s run by an extremely friendly guy known only as Tommy (and also by his last name sometimes I would imagine). But there are things to like about this place in addition to Tommy’s charms.

First, there’s the food (a substance near and dear to my heart). It’s mostly bar food, but I don’t discriminate when it comes to delicious. The fries are the best I’ve eaten in Korea. They come with some really excellent ranch dressing. (or chili, poutine ingredients, pulled pork, etc.) Unlike everywhere else in Korea, they actually sell delicious, giant, filling salads. The chicken sandwiches are good, the cheese sticks are plentiful, and I’ve heard great things about the pulled pork. People seem to enjoy the alcohol, but I wouldn’t know much about that (Thanks a lot, guy reviewing a BAR)


Next we have events. Cheap Shots makes itself a hub for the expat community. There is trivia every Thursday at 9:15. It switches hosts each week and is generally quite well done. There are regular beer pong tournaments, occasional bands, and holiday celebrations.

You can even grab a board game from behind the bar and just hang out with friends.

Basically, anyone in Incheon who wants to meet some expats or eat some top notch bar food, you can’t go wrong if you spend the evening here.


Exit Bupyeong Station exit 12.

Take the first left.

You’ll find yourself in a pedestrian/bar heavy street. Go straight.

Take the second right. It should be just after a chicken restaurant called Love Me Tender. Look up on the right side for a green sign for Cheap Shots. It is only a few buildings past the corner. It is on the third floor.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Bar in Korea

  1. Greg

    Now this is my kind of bar review! Nothing beats a great trivia night.

    And I still maintain that we need more bar/bakery/cafe gaming options available in America. Maybe I just don’t know about them and the proliferate, though D-=

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