My Adrenalin Habit

Week 38 of the Indie Travel Challenge asks what was the last thing you did while traveling that scared you and are you an adrenalin junkie.

I emphatically love that rush of adrenalin you get when you do something scary. The unfortunate thing is that often adventure sports activities cost a lot of money, so I’m not sure how much I will do it on this trip.

We did take a horse trek in Mongolia where we galloped across the open plain, but I’m not sure how much that got my adrenalin pumping (endorphins, though, definitely).

Recently we went rafting in Inje, South Korea, which was pretty fun and had some rapids that gave me a bit of a rush.

Now I’d like to share some pictures of me doing crazy things which might get the idea well across that I love adrenalin.

Are you an adrenalin junkie?

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