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Every month we have been reflecting on the best things we read. We’re a bit late this month because we have been lounging internet-free on beautiful Lamma Island, just south of Hong Kong Island. Our blog and other links may be a bit sparse as well since we have been rather busy and/or had somewhat limited internet capabilities (as in, the Great Firewall of China). But anyway, here are our best reads for September.

Rachel’s Reads


Books – I read 10 books this month. That’s rather a lot; I attribute it to long train rides and our habit of taking reading breaks on exploring days.

  • A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin – the last book in the Song of Ice and Fire series so far (there are 2 more books planned, I expect that will take at least 12 years at the current rate). I enjoyed it but hated that he killed off certain characters – more and more it’s my least favorite people that are still around! Oh well. I’ll still keep reading.
  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind – This book has a lot of descriptions of smells. It was alright, but not approaching the best thing I read this month.
  • Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth– These are the first two books of a dystopian young adult series. They are pretty interesting. The third and final book should be out next year, I’ll certainly be reading it.
  • The Pactby Jodi Picoult – Our Couchsurfing host in Shanghai recommended I try a Jodi Picoult novel, and a girl on our horse trek in Mongolia had already recommended this one in particular. Since I happened to have it on my Nook, I gave it a try. It was pretty interesting and engrossing just as I’d been told.
  • Vampire Academy books 1 – 5 by Richelle Mead – What can I say, I like vampire series and young adult books. I was pleasantly surprised by the series (finished all 6 in the beginning of October). They are quick fun reads and actually written quite well. None of the characters are particularly annoying which is rather great and unusual for this sort of series.

Jeff’s Reads


Well, with the Great Firewall and all the traveling, I haven’t been browsing the internet as much as I usually do, but here are a couple things.

  • You know how 3-d printers might revolutionize everything in the world? Some people have started a project to make printable guns so that anyone with a printer can get their hands on one without any regulatory oversight.
  • The  buy nine car washes, get prostitute free deal in Kuala Lumpur has been shut down.

Books – This month I read nine books.

  • A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin – The fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series that has become so popular with the success of the HBO series. It wasn’t as good as the third book, but it was on par with the quality of the rest of the series.
  • Books 1-8 of the Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton – In many ways this reminds me a lot of the Dresden Files series. The first several books a truly not very good, but they are easy reads that only take a day or two each so it’s not too painful reading through them. Both series are urban fantasy that follow this basic plot: bad things happen to the main character for awhile, the main character solves their problems with stubbornness and violence. Later books in the series improve because one, the world has evolved to an interesting level of complexity and two, the author has stopped using quite the same basic plot every time.

What were your best reads this month? 

3 thoughts on “This Month in Reading

  1. Greg

    I just started reading A Song of Ice and Fire, myself… nearly done with the first book and what the heck! There is so much going on D-= It is quite nearly overwhelming, but I am on the edge of my sometimes literal and sometimes figurative seat. Can’t wait to get through the rest of the books (when he finishes all of them, I suppose…), and I am glad to hear you think the series maintains its quality as it goes along.

    Another great monthly reading wrap-up, guys!

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