Confession: I Failed at Packing Light

Week 39 of the Indie Travel Challenge asks what kind of packer you are, and if you’re happy with your packing skills.

I used to be totally awful at packing – I would bring everything I thought I could possibly need, and it would always be way too much. I have since gotten a bit better.

I thought I had done pretty well packing for this year-long round-the-world trip. I thought what I packed was the absolute bare minimum I could get away with. I only brought 6 t-shirts, after all. But it turns out I must be wrong. I weighed my stuff the other day, and it is about 50 pounds. That’s way too much!

And yet, I have been going through my stuff and can’t figure out how to lighten it much. There’s a couple things I’ve been able to get rid of, like my hiking shoes and some cold-weather gear after we left Mongolia. But most of the rest of it now is stuff I use. Part of it is that I’m carrying my laptop, and it’s no ultra-light or netbook or anything like that. I went for computing power over low weight. So I can edit my photos a lot easier, but the computer is something like 7 pounds. It’s not something I want to change.

However, something surely needs to change. Every time we have to move all our stuff I feel like I’m dying. It’s okay for a couple minutes and then I feel like I can’t possibly handle it. I’m considering switching from a big backpacking backpack to a wheeled duffel bag – the problem being, I really don’t want to spend the money on an extra bag!

Anyway, the point is, I failed terribly at packing light and I am literally feeling the consequences. I don’t know how to fix it, but I’ll give tips if I ever come up with a solution.

Are you good at packing light? Any tips?

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