My Travel Playlist

Week 42 of the Indie Travel Challenge asks what’s on your travel playlist.

This might be strange, but I don’t really make playlists. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy music, but I don’t listen to it as much as I once did and I am sort of lazy about it. I tend to jump on Grooveshark and put in some of the popular songs or some band I’m currently obsessed with. Since I have a new-ish laptop I don’t actually have much music on it (all my music is uploaded to Google Music though). However I do have my old iPod with a bunch of music. I no longer have a laptop or an iPod so I pretty much have no way to listen to music anymore.

But here are just a few songs that remind me of certain places or travel situations.

South Korea

If you only ever watch one K-Pop video in your life, make it “Gangnam Style” by PSY. But who am I kidding, you have obviously already seen it. It has exploded wildly worldwide, which is great because it is hilarious. If you can’t understand the Korean, don’t worry. It’s basically a satire of people who live in Gangnam, the super-rich part of Seoul, and how the rich culture in Korea is very superficial. I was sitting in a donkaseu (pork cutlet) restaurant the first time I heard it. My coteacher asked me if I’d heard this new song. I hadn’t. Shortly thereafter everyone I knew in Korea had a link to the video in their Facebook status. In no time at all it was literally everywhere, which is the way things work in Korea. But it wasn’t just Korea, as I found when my friend who is living in Dominica asked me if it was as big in Korea as it was there. Considering how many times I heard it before I left, the answer is probably bigger. So even though there are tons of other K-Pop songs that will always remind me of Korea, I will always remember that I was there when Gangnam Style started.


I know what you’re thinking. How the hell can a song called “California” by Phantom Planet remind you of Florida? Well, it’s sort of a case of you-had-to-be-there. But one time I took a road trip with Jeff and our friend Trevor to Orlando, Florida for spring break. For some reason my iPod kept coming back to this song and we changed the lyrics to “CaliFLORIDA here we come.” So I always think of Florida when I hear it.

Road Trips

Road trips are great. One of my favorite songs to play on a road trip is “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane.

West Coast US

“Kids” by MGMT is again not an obvious choice for the West Coast of the US. But this is another case of hearing a song a lot on a road trip – we heard this constantly in August 2009 while driving up the West Coast. Jeff also sings it every time we walk by a playground.

What are your travel songs?

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