The End of the Indie Travel Challenge

I was a little sad to read recently that there will be no more Indie Travel Challenge prompts. I stuck with it the whole time, writing a post for every prompt. But it looks like I won’t be completing my challenge of one post for it every week for a year, since it has officially ended.

In part I think that’s okay, since I felt like sometimes I wasn’t writing very good content for it. It seems like just as I was struggling for content, they were struggling for prompts. So it was probably a good time for it to end. But mostly it was good.

Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite Indie Travel Challenge posts:

The link at the top includes links to all the regularly participating blogs over the course of the year. It was fun, everyone! Thanks for reading.

One thought on “The End of the Indie Travel Challenge

  1. Sean

    Gday Rachel and Jeff,

    Wow…thanks for participating and getting it to it hard core. That is awesome. We are hard core about this stuff so it feels good to connect with like minded folks like you both!

    We will be running other indie travel challenges in the future.

    Cheers and talk soon,

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