This Month in Reading

Every month we have been reflecting on the best things we read. In November, we were still in Hanoi for the first few days. We then flew to Bangkok for 2 weeks and after that had a week in Cambodia followed by a few days back in Bangkok.

Rachel’s Reads


Books – I only read three books this month! As predicted, the theft of my Nook slowed me down. However, I did get an iPad as a replacement so now I’m back on track!

  • City of Bones and City of Ashes, books 1 and 2 of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare – This is a good supernatural young adult series. It’s a bit different from many of the others out there as the main characters are demon hunters.
  • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen – I loved this book! It’s about normal Americans and the anxieties they have regarding the freedoms in their lives. It’s absorbing and reflects a lot of societal issues. It’s also over 500 pages long, so I read it over a couple of weeks.

Jeff’s Reads

Links – Honestly I wasn’t keeping up with my RSS feed a whole lot this month, but here are a few links for you.


Books – Well, I didn’t read anything worth noting this month either. So I’m just not going to talk about it.


What were your best reads this month? 

3 thoughts on “This Month in Reading

  1. Greg

    Slow month for reading all around. I only read two books, although it was books 2 and 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire – which is actually very exciting! I can’t wait to get through books 4 and 5 and be as frustrated as everyone else in the world =-D

    1. Rachel

      Those are good books to read! They took me a while as well. Book 3 is the best, though I did still enjoy the last 2. Can’t wait for the next one… It hasn’t been long enough for frustration to set in, plus I am also anxiously awaiting the next Kingkiller Chronicles and Stormlight Archive books!

      1. Greg

        Lots of good stuff in the works, aye… you should think about checking out the novellas Brandon Sanderson wrote this past year – two of them I think? Anyway, he’s 23% done with his first draft of Stormlight Archive 2, so I am kind of jazzed about that! Rather jazzed even lol.

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