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Welcome to World Flavor’s annual roundup of the best food of the year! This is our final and most difficult to decide roundup category. Last year, it was just Rachel, but this year, we are both going to be involved in the decision. So here’s each of our picks for best food of each month!


Rachel’s Pick – Our anniversary meal at Bien Etre was fantastic and hard to top!

Jeff’s Pick – Our anniversary dinner was certainly the best, but if I had to choose something else, I might pick that wonderful sandwich Rachel made me for my birthday lunch.


Rachel’s Pick – All the food we ate in Malaysia! But especially roti canai.

Jeff’s Pick – All the food we ate in Malaysia, but I give special recognition to the unbelievably sweet and juicy mangoes.


Rachel’s Pick – March was not a strong food month, but I’m picking this kakiagedon (fried onion and pork over rice) at Hongdae Donburi in Seoul.

Jeff’s Pick – Well we had it in several different months, but let us not forget the some-of-the-best-of-all-time butter chicken from Arabesque.


Rachel’s Pick – I loved this kimchi veggie quesadilla from Vatos Urban Tacos in Itaewon, Seoul.

Jeff’s Pick – Vatos is indeed excellent, but what sticks in my mind was the homemade paneer with curry that we had at our fermentation class.


Rachel’s Pick – I really enjoyed the flounder we had at the Noryangjin fish market.

Jeff’s Pick – I can’t deny that Noryangjin provided the best meal of the month, but I’m going to have to pick tiger prawn for best dish. It is truly the lobster of the shrimp world.


Rachel’s Pick – At the Yeosu World Expo, I really enjoyed these frites from the Belgium pavilion. Also, I may have a bit of a French fry addiction…

Jeff’s Pick – Well, this might be a bit of a cop-out because we basically ate it every month (sometimes more than once), but I loved the potato pizza that we would often grab from Pizza Maru.


Rachel’s Pick – I enjoyed this cheese salad at Burger B in Hongdae, Seoul. The cheese was homemade and the bread was crusty.

Jeff’s Pick – I don’t know if I was only tasting the fame and glory of free stuff, but for July I have to go with the incredible walnut chocolate tart that Oliversweet sent us in the mail.


Rachel’s Pick – Pumpkin duck in Gangneung. Need I say more?

Jeff’s Pick – There is no way to argue for anything else. When you found a bit of pumpkin with the duck fat all soaked in, it was pure heaven.


Rachel’s Pick – September was an amazing, incredible food month. We had great Peking duck and many, many dumplings in Beijing. We ate at Din Tai Fung and some other great places in Shanghai. We had Tim Ho Wan’s incredible char siu buns in Hong Kong. But I am going with something a little different – this is an order of nachos I ate at El Taco Loco in Hong Kong, which is right next to the Central/Mid-Levels Escalator in Soho. Nachos are one of my weaknesses, and it is hard to find good ones in Asia. These are the best I’ve found so far. They are even a good contender for best ever nachos!

Jeff’s Pick – I have to choose almost arbitrarily for this one. I can think of half a dozen other dishes in addition to the ones that Rachel mentioned that might have been an contender in any normal month. So… I’ll just go with that mind blowing peking duck from Private Kitchen.


Rachel’s Pick – Seriously, this steak I had at A Lorcha in Macau was perhaps the best thing I ate all year. I swooned while eating it.

Jeff’s Pick – October saw me eating slow roasted meats in Hong Kong, a pile of passion fruit in Yangshuo, and wonderful crab spring rolls in Vietnam, but I think I choose my most enjoyable dim sum meal in Hong Kong at Dim Dim Sum


Rachel’s Pick – Okay, seriously. This fries thing is going a little overboard. But here you go: Outback Steakhouse cheese fries. Only because it has been one of my favorite things ever for many years.

Jeff’s Pick – I know it’s becoming a theme, but there were too many things in November to decide. Almost anything we ate in Siem Reap would qualify. Still, I think I’ll go with that wonderful stir-fried cabbage dish that Mark showed us.


Rachel’s Pick – We’ve eaten plenty of tasty things this month. But perhaps the tastiest for me was this giant Cobb Salad at Ray’s Grille in Vientiane, Laos. It was smothered in creamy feta and excellent homemade blue cheese dressing.

Jeff’s Pick – Well we both cooked a bunch of food this month so to avoid bias I’m going to pick from our many times eating out. Both Chiang Mai and Vientiane have excellent food, but I’ll go with that mouthwatering Philly cheesesteak (actually chicken) that I had at Ray’s Grille in Vientiane.


As you can see, we ate well this year!

Got any food favorites from this year?

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