This Month in Reading

Every month we have been reflecting on the best things we read. In December, we spent a week in Vientiane, got our Thai tourist visas, and then moved to Chiang Mai!

Rachel’s Reads


Books – I read 3 books this month. The internet wildly distracted me from reading.

  • City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels, books 3 and 4 of the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare – The thing about this series is it would have been just fine as a trilogy. I didn’t enjoy book 4 and opted to read a summary of 5 and not even bother with it.
  • The Shipping News by Annie Proulx – Book written in “newspaper style.” Difficult to read. Interesting characters, but overall not my favorite.

Jeff’s Reads



Books – Well I had another month of not reading much, only two books. I started several and couldn’t really get into them. I’m really in the mood for some good nonfiction.


What were your best reads this month? 

3 thoughts on “This Month in Reading

  1. Liisa

    Hey Jeff,

    Not sure if you were really looking for a book recommendation but I thought I”d share one of the non-fiction books I liked this year in case you were. I read “War Games” by Linda Polnan over summer. It’s about the world of international Aid, a subject prior to reading this book I didn’t know that much about. It was very interesting reading, although a bit sad and disillusioning. I ended up reading some bits aloud to Gavin because I found them so surprising. It’s also fairly short and written in clear, concise easy to read language. Sebastien Junger is another non-fiction author I’d recommend. He’s written several good books including “The Perfect Storm”, which was turned into a movie, and most recently “War” about his time embedded with a marine unit in the Korengal valley in Afghanistan a place that possibly saw some of the most ongoing violence during the war.

    By the way guys, I enjoy reading your monthly posts about what tou’ve been reading and all the links you provide 🙂

    1. Jeff

      Thanks Liisa. I really was looking for a recommendation. I’ll check if I have a decent way to gain access to your suggestions and if I do, you’ll probably be seeing me review it soon!

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