In Pictures: Santa Monica Pier

I’ve never been too secretive about my disdain for Los Angeles. However, even I have to admit there are some interesting places in LA. One of them is the Santa Monica Pier.

The Santa Monica Pier reminds me pretty strongly of the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, except that it’s smaller. But you have some of the same elements: a quirky, gawk-worthy slice of humanity, a pier, some rides…


The rides at Pacific Park reminded me of the rides at Jolly Roger in Ocean City.


In both places, people walk their dogs. Here’s a cute corgi.


The beach at Santa Monica is admittedly bigger and better.

We were fascinated for a while by this contortionist.


One of the things you can do on the Santa Monica Pier is ride this dolphin statue, like Jeff.



Seeing all those barnacles on the poles was cool.


Not a bad pier at all.


Can you see the mustache on this owl?



People fish off the end of the pier.



The sky was gorgeous and blue the day we went.


The Santa Monica Pier actually marks the end of Route 66.



Why does this guy have a bike full of parrots? The world may never know.



You can take classes with Trapeze School New York on the pier. I seriously want to do this someday.



There’s an aquarium, but we didn’t go to it. If I had known it was just a $5 suggested donation, I probably would have checked it out.


And there you have it, the world famous Santa Monica Pier. It’s definitely a fun place to spend the afternoon. There are some nearby malls with decent food courts, too.

Have you been to the Santa Monica Pier?

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