Our Favorite Restaurant in Chiang Mai

When we moved to Chiang Mai, we of course made sure to look up the best places to eat. We looked at TripAdvisor and also at various blog posts, one of which was this round-up of dessert places at Never Ending Voyage.

I really liked the look of their first listing, Butter is Better. We decided to head over and give it a shot.


It turns out that Butter is Better is far more than desserts. It’s an old-fashioned New-York style diner (I’ve seen the owner guy, and he even has the right sort of accent) covered in retro decorations.
We enjoyed this throwback to classic American diners.
The menu is vast and especially focuses on breakfast and lunch options. One look and we were pretty excited about this lunch.
That first time, Jeff ordered a chicken salad sandwich (110 Baht). This is what came out. That’s really a sandwich and a half. And it was delicious.
I got a chili cheese hot dog (about 100 Baht) because I have a weakness for the things. The cheese was good cheddar. The hot dog was excellent. Unfortunately, though, their chili is not great. Well, unless when you thought “I want chili” you really meant “I want sloppy joe sandwich filling.” Because that was closer to what it was. On the plus side, the cole slaw is tasty.
Our next visit was for breakfast. I went with the cheese blintzes (110 Baht) because the menu describes them as “addictive baby food.” Sounds good. And it was!
Jeff got the biscuits and gravy. He enjoyed them.
Being the pigs that we are, we were still hungry (the breakfasts are fairly cheap, but also not very big) so we ordered a bagel with cream cheese (60 Baht). It was just like the kind of bagel you get from a NYC bagel street vendor.
We were hooked. We kept coming back, again and again – at least once a week. Above is from a visit where Jeff tried a tuna salad sandwich (top, 110 Baht) and I got egg salad (bottom, 90 Baht). Then I almost didn’t order anything else, ever, because their egg salad is just that good.
But of course I had to try the macaroni and cheese as well. Sadly it’s made with Velveeta not real cheese Sadly it tastes like it’s made with Velveeta [NOTE: The management has informed me they use real cheddar not Velveeta], and while that still tastes good, it is not the excellent homemade cheesy goodness that I myself am capable of making.


Finally, you better believe we tried their desserts. Consider the name of the place, “Butter is Better.” As you might have guessed, their dessert philosophy is along the lines of “full fat is always better.” And believe me, it is. The cookies are fantastic. The cheesecake is the only real cheesecake I have found in all of Asia (and I have looked). Jeff likes the meringue pies (they’ve got passionfruit which is cool).
Every time someone asks us to recommend a place in Chiang Mai, we always say Butter is Better. It was convenient to our apartment but not to most people’s accommodations (though it is right near the Night Bazaar) so as far as we can tell, no one has taken our recommendation. That makes us sad. So next time you’re in Chiang Mai and craving American diner food at totally reasonable prices, give it a try! You won’t regret it.
  • Location: Chang Klan Road, just south of the Night Bazaar/Pantip Plaza. There’s apparently a couple of other locations, so check their website.
  • Hours: 8 AM to 7 PM.
  • Price: I’ve listed the prices I can remember in the article above. Generally this is one of the cheaper foreign food options, most main dishes are below 120 Baht (US $4). Although you are probably going to end up getting dessert too – fair warning.


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