Where to Eat in Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China is very much a tourist town. According to some locals I spoke with, it used to be most popular with Western backpackers (who are still abundant), but today there are more and more visitors from other parts of China. Most of them are rich, as you need to be to travel as a Chinese person, and that apparently makes them very demanding.

It seems they have demanded a beautiful McDonald's.

Since there are so many tourists, there are a lot of restaurants as well. Many of them are cuisine foreign to the area. We were surprised to find that a lot of restaurants were rather high quality – perhaps this is due to the demanding tourists.

We found a few good places to eat in Yangshuo, and we'd like to share them with you.

Dynasty Dumplings



I can't entirely recall how I found out about Dynasty Dumplings, but I think Lonely Planet had something to do with it. It's a small place near the river. By the time we got to Yangshuo we were pining for Beijing-style dumplings, and this place delivered. The stir-fried pumpkin wasn't bad either. We later came and had the Yangshuo specialty beer fish here, but didn't particularly care for it.


Kali Mirch Indian


Kali Mirch Indian is probably the tastiest place on this list. They have very good Indian food, and as you can see they don't go light on the cream… We came here twice during our 5 day stay in Yangshuo.

Pure Lotus Vegetarian


Maybe the first thing you'll notice about Pure Lotus Vegetarian is that it's kind of fancy. It makes for a lovely dining experience (except for the inattentive waitress) but it's also reflected in the price. Oh, you might also notice that it's a vegetarian restaurant.
You'll also notice that there are, like, a million options. The first thing we ordered were these fried pumpkin things. They were pretty good.
Next we got this broccoli-on-a-stick stuff. It was impossibly covered on every square inch with seasoning. It was crispy yet juicy, a little spicy, and I never ever wanted to stop eating it.
Finally, we got this tofu skin dish. The texture was kind of off-putting and it tasted too mushroom-y for my liking.
Overall, though, Pure Lotus is a solid choice for a date night. It's right across the street from Dynasty Dumplings.

Kelly's Place


Kelly's Place seemed to be popular among the expats of Yangshuo.


It has a second floor with big, open windows that you can take nice pictures out of at night.
Probably during the day, too, but I really liked how the towering karst peaks were lit at night.
Also this cheese baguette was not bad at all.
So there you have it, the places I found that are good to eat in Yangshuo. Maybe you're wondering their exact locations, and feel put out that I wasn't specific enough. But the thing about Yangshuo is that it is a very small town. All of these places are within a block or two of the famed West Street. Wandering around Yangshuo is part of the fun, so just jot down the names of these places, and go in one if you happen across it. Enjoy!


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