8 Favorite Android, iOS, and Facebook Game Apps

Whether at the train station or on a long bus ride, travelling often generates a lot of time to kill. Here are some of my favorite game apps. If these did not exist, you would probably see a lot more blog posts from me. Most of these are free. A ‘$’ sign indicates paid.

Temple Run 1 or 2 (iOS, Android) – This endless running game hits all the right notes. Well, my favorite note, upgrades.

Angry Birds Any Version ($iOS, Android) – I go into some kind of trance when I’m trying to get three stars on every level. I love all the different twists that Angry Birds Space and Star Wars add.

Words With Friends (iOS, Android, Facebook) – Since I don’t really get to play Scrabble in person much on the road, this is a good substitute.

Pocket Planes (iOS, Android) – NimbleBit puts lots of endearing, clever touches on all their games. This airline industry simulation is really well done.

Bejewelled Blitz (iOS, Android, Facebook) – Popcap has been my favorite flash game maker since before they started appearing in app stores and market shelves. This gem matching arcade game has to be one of their best known and most addicting ones.

Jetpack Joyride (iOS, Android) – Fly your stolen jetpack, collect coins, trample scientists, eventually die. This is another infinite runner game that has a glorious amount of upgrades, missions, and costumes.

Tetris Attack (Facebook) – You play competitive Tetris against other people in a variety of modes. I had to stop playing so it didn’t consume my life. The amount of time I’ve spent playing it is seriously too much.

iNetHack (iOS) – This is a roguelike game from decades ago ported onto the smart phone. If you don’t already know what a roguelike game is, you probably won’t like this. It’s tedious, almost impossible to beat, has terrible graphics, and uses arcane, indecipherable controls, but I love it. Someday my halloween costume will be the main character from this game, an @ sign.


I’d love to find some new ones. What are your favorite game apps?

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