Hahoe Folk Village

Last August, we took a trip around Korea that included seeing the rest of Korea's UNESCO sites. Just outside of Andong, you can find Hahoe Folk Village.


Korea is really proud of its UNESCO sites and always makes sure to announce them in a big way.



The village dates to the Joseon Dynasty, around the 16th century, and is located in a beautiful setting.


It has been well preserved and remains a one-clan village.


As you wander around, you'll notice that the place is very much still lived in.



In fact for most of the buildings you can just peek in, though there are a few whose courtyards you can enter.



Also, you could always ask the owners if it's okay to look around. Provided you can communicate this; despite the tourism, most people living here speak only Korean.


This smiling guy guards the village wishing tree.



A few houses have been set up to sell food and souvenirs, but it is clear that agriculture is a big part of the village economy.




Above is the little playground in the village.



There is a lovely, if small, forest of old-growth trees.



Just across the river lies Buyongdae Cliff. Surrounding it are some poet's retreats and a Buddhist school, which can be reached by ferry or car.





Hahoe Folk Village is pretty small and can be visited in just a couple of hours. It's open from 9 until 6 or 7 and admission is 2000 won. Take bus 46 from Andong Bus Terminal. It's a nice walk if the weather's nice and worth a visit if you're already in Andong.

Have you ever been to a folk village like this?

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