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So sometimes my monthly reading posts may look a little sparse, but usually it means I’m spending my time on something else. One recent “else” has been listening to history podcasts. While looking for some good info on the history of Turkey, I found the excellent 12 Byzantine Rulers. It kind of snowballed from there. Here’s a rundown of all the podcasts I tried out.

12 Byzantine Rulers – This podcast tells the history of the Byzantine Empire by divulging the incredible stories surrounding some of its most important figures.

Hardcore History – While the blog has some good stories, they aren’t at a high enough density in these podcasts which can last for more than 4 hours.

History According to Bob – Extremely specific details about tactics and troop placement in specific battles.

Binge Thinking – I thought it covered a variety of interesting things which I knew little about like the process of the British navy changing from wooden to metal ships. Rachel was less interested.

TudorCast – It feels like I’m listening to an alternate dimension version of NPR where all the news, reviews, and segments are about the Tudors.

CGP Grey – Well this is more a youtube channel than a podcast, but it is usually about history. Also it’s probably the best thing in this whole list! Tons of interesting and entertaining videos about topics like the ancient independent City of London inside the city that people call London.

Crash Course World History – Another youtube channel. It covers the world history topics you might learn in high school, but is extremely fast and entertaining.

Any history podcasts to recommend?


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