Ten Things to Do in Bucharest

Not many people stay in Bucharest as long as we did, and we can sort of see why. But at least our week there gave us a great idea of the best things to do! So here, for your viewing pleasure, are ten things to do in Bucharest.

1. Take a free walking tour with Guided Bucharest. During the summer they happen every day at 6 PM. It lasts a couple hours and there's a fair bit of walking so be sure to bring water and a snack. You will learn a lot!


Cabbage stuffed with mincemeat and served with polenta, ham, and sour cream at Caru' cu Bere.


2. Have a meal at Caru' cu Bere. This restaurant is famous because it was the first modern style restaurant in the city. It may be touristy but it is beautiful, delicious, and relatively affordable.


The gorgeous Atheneum.


3. Attend a symphony performance or recital at the Atheneum. The Atheneum is probably the most beloved building in the city because the money was raised by the residents themselves. Not only is the building fantastic, but seeing a performance there is a great time.


Cherry blossoms at Herastrau Park.



4. Hang out in a park. Our favorite was Herastrau Park, followed by Cişmigiu Park. You can rent bikes, grab a snack, and people watch all day.


Wooden church at the Village Museum.



5. Recreate history at the Village Museum. Built in the 1930s, this museum collects typical houses from around Romania. It is pretty neat to see, and when we were there some movie or TV show was being filmed.

6. Visit one of the other museums. Like any capital city, Bucharest is full of museums. The art museum and natural history museum are the best rated on TripAdvisor. We didn't visit any of the other museums but I would have liked to go to one of those.


The Palace of Parliament, second biggest office building in the world after the Pentagon.



7. Tour the Palace of Parliament, the world's heaviest building. Built by Ceauşescu, this monument to dictatorial madness can be toured for as little as 25 RON. We decided not to as we heard about the building on the free tour and were told the parliament tour doesn't cover much other than the statistics about the building.


You too can enjoy dessert at the Artist.


8. Have a fancy meal for relatively cheap. We of course recommend the Artist.


Trajan statue


9. Pose in front of the statue of Trajan. This weird statue was built recently to symbolize Romania and placed in front of the National History Museum. It's meant to be Trajan (who conquered Dacia for Rome) holding a she-wolf to represent Romulus and Remus, but the wolf's head is on a feathered snake body because that was a symbol of the ancient Dacians. It's now a meme to take a picture holding a dog or other animal in front of it.


Obor Market


10. Check out Obor Market, the city's biggest. While looking for information on this market, which was recommended to us by one of our guides on the free tour, we found a lot of conflicting information. Apparently, much of the original market was torn down in 2007 to make way for a modern shopping mall. But everyone complained, and so they built a new multi-million dollar market building. Today, there doesn't appear to be any modern mall in the vicinity – just the big new market hall and two older halls. Anyway, this is primarily a food market and very interesting to walk around. There are plenty of places outside in the warmer months to get mici or small sausages and beer.

What would you add to this list?


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