Best Food of 2013

We’ve reached the last and most delicious year-end roundup here at World Flavor. Brought to you with much wistful longing, here are the best things we ate each month.


Curry paste ingredients

Rachel’s Pick: The meal we made at Siam Rice Thai Cooking school was definitely the best (and most enormous) meal we ate in January.


Jeff’s Pick: I will also have to go with the meal from Siam Rice. This is the Khao Soi I made.



Rachel’s Pick: We had a really tasty bacon cheeseburger at Ocean Restaurant in Saladan, Ko Lanta, Thailand.

Jeff’s Pick: Eating divine mangoes is basically the number one reason to travel near the equator. I did it at every opportunity.



Rachel’s Pick: Super delicious cheese-filled roti canai at Steven’s Corner in Kuala Lumpur. We also had tasty food in our first couple weeks of being in Turkey, but I didn’t have the picture I wanted, so I’m sticking to roti canai, a favorite of mine.


Jeff’s Pick: Iskender kabob consists of toasted bread covered in thin slices of meat and a tomato-based sauce. It is served with a big pile of yogurt. Butter is poured over the dish when it is brought to the table. Seek out this food of the gods at all costs.



Rachel’s Pick: An awesome plate of mezze at Çiya Sofrası in Istanbul. LOTS of great food in Turkey, and some good stuff in Bulgaria and Romania, too.


Jeff’s Pick: This is part of the spoon tasting menu at The Artist in Bucharest. It was my first time eating a molecular gastronomy meal.



Rachel’s Pick: I couldn’t decide for May! There were SO many delicious foods, even more than you see here. For instance, any of the gelato we ate in Venice or Florence. So, clockwise starting from the top left: langos in Budapest, chocolate and poppyseed ice cream from Eis Greissler in Vienna, cacio e pepe pasta in Rome, and bryndzové halušky (pasta and sheep’s cheese) in Bratislava.


Jeff’s Pick: This carbonara pasta at Ostera La Pergola in Mestre, Italy managed to finally and to the greatest extent clue me in on why carbonara has spread around the world.



Rachel’s Pick: Since June included our last two weeks in Italy, the food was incredible. And I got to have some foods that I’d missed once I got back home, so it was again hard to decide. However, there was a clear winner this month: pesto from Sa Pesta in Genoa. Truly great.

Jeff’s Pick: Real Naples-style pizza is a thing of wonder. On our last full day in Italy we found the very best margherita pizza at Pizzeria Trianon in Naples.



Rachel’s Pick: Blackened bay scallop tortellini pasta at the Coach House Tavern in Cape Charles, Virginia.

Jeff’s Pick: Handsome Biscuit in Norfolk, Virginia will not let you down. This sweet potato biscuit has arugula and frittata on it.



Rachel’s Pick: Are you sick of this photo yet? Because this Muffaleo sandwich at Zingerman’s was, indeed, the best eating of the month.


Jeff’s Pick: TNT Cowboy Reuben with halloumi from Zingerman’s. It’s unfortunate that all the other great foods eaten this month don’t get a chance to shine because Zingerman’s trumps everything.



Rachel’s Pick: Some good choices this month. But the highlight was definitely our meal at Wicked Spoon buffet in Las Vegas, one plate of which is pictured above.


Jeff’s Pick: Okay, I really like sandwiches. Ike’s in San Francisco has some of the best in the country.


Rachel’s Pick: October was really our last month of travel. I chose the traditional poutine at Poutini’s in Toronto as my most delicious food choice.


Jeff’s Pick: It doesn’t look the best, but this pesto and chevre scramble from Nookies in Chicago. is probably the most perfect egg dish I have ever consumed.



Rachel’s Pick: In November we were more frugal and didn’t eat out a lot. I did have this tasty pasta pizza at Mione’s in Ocean City, Maryland though.

Jeff’s Pick: Once per year the Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show comes to DC. You can walk around for hours eating countless gourmet free samples. It’s like a dream come true.



Rachel’s Pick: For our anniversary, we went out to Maple Ave Restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. We got Thai fried okra and beet salad, and then I got beef cheek while Jeff got duck confit. Then we shared the chocolate dumplings pictured above for dessert. It was an excellent meal.


Jeff’s Pick: Every year during the holidays my family goes overboard with our traditional meals. This is the Christmas “snack.”

What was your best food of the year?

3 thoughts on “Best Food of 2013

  1. Chubby Bunny

    I love travel and food, and thought this blog post of your 2013 food roundup was really fun and delicious! 🙂 Enjoyed reading it, and Jeff’s biscuit from Virgina for July looked particularly yummy!

  2. Franca

    I love to go through other people food posts because it reminds me what I had myself and also what I missed out. There are so many delicious meals here I wouldn’t even know which one to pick, I do miss the divine and super tasty mangoes we had in Asia, I’d happily fly back there for the gorgeous and fresh fruit alone.
    Franca recently posted..Is Frankfurt Worth Forgetting?My Profile

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