This Month in Reading

Each month we round up the best things we have read. June was a good month. We had a great time in San Francisco for Jeff’s brother’s graduation. We also visited Graves Mountain Lodge for Rachel’s family reunion and hiked in Shenandoah National Park. There were a couple of barbecues as well.

Rachel’s Reads


Books – I read 8 books in June.

  • Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, And 3 RVs On Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure by David Rosenfelt – This was okay. Some of the rescue stories were very touching, but I still wondered at how the author and his wife could really probably care for so many dogs at once. They at least made it seem alright. Overall, though, the story of the road trip wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped.
  • The Elite by Kiera Cass – Second in this trilogy (I read The Selection last month). Pretty silly but light and fun. Suffers a little from “oh-gee-can’t-choose-let-me-string-these-boys-along” but at least she seems to have reasons each time.
  • The Ghost Train to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty – The sequel to The Shambling Guide, and not as good. It loses a lot for not being the first or unique anymore. Still a fun concept but not much effort given to plot or character development – okay for one book but clearly not for two.
  • Hidden by Catherine McKenzie – I’m not a big fan of books about cheating husbands… yeah.
  • The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer – As the title suggests, it’s interesting. I really liked it. Great slice of life fiction. I liked how it wasn’t told in chronological order.
  • Requiem by Lauren Oliver – A really good end to the Delirium series. The ending is refreshingly more realistic than many series that tidy it up so neatly even though in many of these YA dystopias, you know there’s no way it would really be so neat.
  • The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera – Not as good as the movie. If you aren’t familiar with Maori terms (I am a bit) you’ll need the glossary at the back.
  • Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach – A really great read about farts and stuff. After giving up on her space book, I’m glad to see this one was rather enjoyable.

Jeff’s Reads


Books – I read 3 books this month.

  • Blankets by Craig Thompson – I don’t really identify with the religionious themes, but the depictions of the excitement of first love were touching.
  • The Ghost Train to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty – I enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as the first one. I expect that as the series goes on I might get bored of it.
  • Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach – I plan to take a break from Mary Roach. While I do generally enjoy her books, I have been reading too many of them in too short a time.

What did you read this month?

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