Settling Down

Jeff and I are downright domestic now. We have a large apartment in a fairly luxurious high-rise in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. No kids or dogs yet, but I do volunteer weekly at dog rescue events to get my fix. I spend more than zero minutes of my free time monthly dreaming about owning a house or actually looking at real estate listings.


Jill, a dog up for adoption, at a rescue event.

Jill, a dog up for adoption from Lost Dog Rescue.

Part of it is that many of our friends are getting married and buying houses, not necessarily in that order. I guess we are getting into our late twenties, after all.


Are we lame?


Some might say so. But honestly, it’s just what we want right now. While our current situation will likely stick for at least another year, it’s not necessarily permanent.


Metal horse sculpture

A cool horse sculpture I bought at Pier One.


We both work 40 hours a week. I’m a marketer at a mid-size law firm. I’ve never worked in law or marketing before, so it’s actually pretty interesting. I’m learning a ton which will be useful no matter what I end up doing.


Jeff’s a research assistant to economists for the government. It’s a term position that can’t last more than 4 years. He likes it, but obviously it won’t be for forever.


I’m already feeling like 40 hours is way too many. It’s only been six months, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m going to be really happy, I need to work less. I’m exploring some ideas about going to work for myself which will likely take a while to ferment (for instance, I actually need to learn some new skills). Being self-employed doesn’t always mean less hours of work, but it definitely means less hours at the office and the flexibility to set my own schedule. So maybe it’s not working less that I want, but having more freedom. I’ll probably at least give it a try.


What is our life like now?


We’re no longer traveling constantly. Having a home base is heavenly. I love our apartment. We cook a lot. We’re growing basil and rosemary on the balcony.


Herbs on the balcony

Variegated basil, rosemary, and sweet basil.


We actually have weekly activities now. A board game night that we don’t always go to (though we play plenty of games one way or another). Pub trivia, which is on hiatus until it moves to another bar in early September (and the trivia guy knows us). The previously mentioned dog rescue volunteering. Routine is fun at least when it’s novel, and it structures you life in a way that’s calming.


Trips are now weekend trips, with longer ones having to be reserved for later since we don’t have much stored up leave.


What does this mean for the blog?


You may have noticed I took what was essentially an extended blogging break, only writing monthly posts at best. I’m trying to get back into it because it’s something I want to continue.


I still have tons of material from the trip that I’ll be writing up. Travel posts may start being about things closer to home or shorter trips. Now that we’re cooking a lot, I’d like to incorporate that into my writing. As long as we’re still interested in sampling new things and having new experiences, I’ll still be writing about it here on World Flavor.

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