2014 in Pictures

Unlike last year, I don’t really have enough locations this year to do a picture for each place, so I’ll go back to the original idea of a photo a month. 2014 was largely a rather good year, with some down times and crises.



In January, we took a cooking class (Cooking With Cheese – awesome!), hung out at a cabin with some friends, hibernated, and I started my law firm job. This picture is from Manassas National Battlefield.



Based on the pictures I took, February seemed to be: cold, snow, food, and then we went to Annapolis (above) with my parents.



In March, we went to check out Gettysburg – apparently this was a battlefields sort of winter/spring. We went bowling, stayed a night in Frederick, Maryland and also spent a night in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


We didn’t seem to do much in April. We went to Awesome Con in DC (photo of a game there above), ate some food, and looked at apartments.



We moved into a new apartment in May, which was nice. Jeff started a new job and I got a promotion. We officiated our friends’ wedding. We went to Gwynn’s Island (above) with friends. I visited my parents, and we ordered spices which was fun.


In June, we enjoyed the Post Hunt, a crazy scavenger hunt around DC. We also walked around Hyattsville, Maryland when our friends considered moving there, and went out to San Francisco for Jeff’s brother’s graduation from Stanford. Above is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End Trail. My mom’s side of the family had a family reunion at Graves Mountain Lodge, and we went for a nice little hike in White Oak Canyon with my parents.


July was my first month volunteering for Lost Dog Rescue. We had a nice vantage point for the DC fireworks (above). I went to a Legal Marketing Association summer social. Mostly we hung out with friends, did trivia, and ate tasty food.


My parents visited us in August and we did some cooking. We went to Norfolk for our friend Suz’s gallery opening – some of her art is pictured above. Also, we went camping at Cape Henlopen in Delaware.


There was a party for my grandmother’s eightieth birthday in September. I went to a Nationals game for a work function. I started a women’s discussion class called Femex. We helped some friends move and officiated another wedding.


In October, a friend and I gave out flowers to people getting married on the day Virginia legalized same sex marriage. Jeff and I went on a cruise to eastern Canada (I took the picture above in Saint John, New Brunswick) and then spent a weekend in New York City, including seeing The Book of Mormon.  I dressed up as the Eleventh Doctor for Halloween. I also had some bad times with anxiety and panic attacks at the end of the month.


The first few days in November were spent in Lawton, Oklahoma meeting my new nephew, Zeke. Above is from when I went to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge with my parents. The second and third weeks of November were awful, because of a really terrible situation involving someone at work, which I’m not ready to go into here on the blog. It increased my anxiety more. Things started getting better and we went to my parents’ place for Thanksgiving. I ate a lot.


In December, my awesome women’s studies class came to end. There were holiday parties at work, including a 20s-themed one (pictured here) and some other parties too. We spent Christmas with Jeff’s family. And, umm, we got engaged!

How was your year?

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