Skyline Caverns

In January, Jeff and I went to Luray, Virginia with our friends for an annual “cabin camping” trip, in which we rent a cabin, and play lots of board games and have fun all weekend. Really there’s not much about it that’s “camping” but oh well. This year, on the way home, we decided to stop off at Skyline Caverns.


It’s a cave system that was uncovered in 1937, located in Front Royal, Virginia.


It’s definitely a cool tour with a lot of interesting things to see.


I liked that we had a small group and that they turned on and off the lights as we walked through the cave. It gave it a kind of  small-cavern feel.


When we got to the room they call “the Cathedral,” with the formation “American Eagle,” pictured above, they had us view a light show and listen to a few minutes of environmental stuff. My friend informed me that until recently, it had been religious.


There was also a cool section with a shallow pool and some reflections. You can see it above.


The final section of the cave that you see is the section with anthodites. These are needle-like crystal clusters that are really cool looking and fairly unusual. None of my pictures really did them justice, sadly.

Skyline Caverns was a fun stop and definitely worth a visit. The guide gave some geologic information though he couldn’t answer every super-specific question we asked.

Visiting the Caverns:

  • Location: 6 miles south of I-66 on Route 340 in Front Royal
  • Admission: $20 for adults. Ask the desk when the next tour is.
  • Hours: 9-4 in the winter, 9-5 in spring and fall, and 9-6 in the summer. Open daily year-round.
  • Other info: When it isn’t winter, you can also enjoy their nature trail, mini train, and mirror maze. This is definitely a kid-friendly attraction, although be aware that there is a point in the tour where you are in complete darkness for a few seconds. See the website for more.

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