2015 in Pictures

This year was largely good. There were some downs, but overall it was a great year.



Skyline Caverns, Virginia. We did our usual “cabin camping” in Luray, and began planning the wedding.


Snuggling with my mom’s dog. I went dress shopping, we went skiing in Pennsylvania (it was COLD).


plane over Gravelly Point

A plane over Gravelly Point park. Uhh… we ate at several different tasty new places.


Tulips in Georgetown. I got allergy tested, we got into archery, and at the very end of the month we went to Ann Arbor for Kevin’s PhD defense.


graffiti proposal

Graffiti in Detroit. We spent a day in Detroit, had our engagement photos, visited my parents, and had a picnic at Gravelly Point Park. We also did DC’s annual Post Hunt.


Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. We visited Ashland to celebrate my uncle’s graduation, I walked a 5K, and I visited Virginia Beach with my parents for Father’s Day.



Giraffe at the Delaware State Fair. We played mini golf and I went to the Delaware State Fair


My friends and I on horseback. I went horseback riding in Rock Creek Park and played in a kickball tournament.


Jeff at our aerial silks class. We wrapped up all the loose ends for the wedding. I had my bachelorette party, which included an aerial silks class!


Besalu bridge

The bridge in Besalu. We went to Rose’s Luxury with friends. Then we got married and spent the rest of the month on our honeymoon. It was awesome. We went to Iceland, Denmark, France, Andorra, and Spain. More to come on that! I discovered The List App which has taken over my life in a great way.


Homemade spaghetti bake. We readjusted to being back at work and celebrated Thanksgiving and Jeff’s mom’s 70th birthday.


tree with lights

Tree at Zoo Lights. We continued aerial silks lessons, but I pulled a muscle. We went to a gallery opening. My work had a gag gift exchange. There was Clamas and Christmas at Jeff’s parents. We went to Zoo Lights with friends.

I guess it didn’t sound like a super exciting year – but hey, we enjoyed it!

How was your year?

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