Best Food of 2015

We continue to eat well, no matter how much or how little we travel!


pimento toast at LeGrand Kitchen

We tried LeGrand Kitchen in Norfolk, VA – it was awesome. I loved this pimento toast and the beet salad I got. They offered to cater our wedding for a mere $10,000. Yikes!



Sandwich at the Cheese Shop, Williamsburg, VA. A perennial favorite. Dinner at Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown, MD was a close second.



TIE: Iskender Kebab at Yayla Bistro in Arlington, VA.

Loaded Baked Potato Salad at Graffiato in DC. Close runner-up: dinner at Co Co Sala in DC, and sub at Bub and Pop’s in DC.


Homemade pasta at Stan and Carla’s. Hand cranked!


Mac and cheese and other delicious stuff at Slows Bar BQ in Detroit. We also went to Zingerman’s Roadhouse. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, MICHIGAN!



Pupatella in Arlington, VA! We also tried Sushi Bar in Del Ray, yum.



Osteria Da Nino in Shirlington. Go there and order anything! I also enjoyed Cobb’s Creek Diner in Cobb’s Creek, VA.


Brunch at Open City in DC. It doesn’t look like much but HOLY CRAP was this delicious!


The toast at Toast in Norfolk, VA is one of the most beautiful things ever. This is the Eggy Weg and you must eat it if you like runny eggs!


Help! October had WAY too much great food! So here are a few:

monkey bread

Monkey Bread at Rose’s Luxury. This whole meal was A+ AMAZING!


Octopus at Tickets, Barcelona. This was a really fun meal.


Duck at El Capillo in Collioure, France.

Idiazabal risotto and pork rib at Borda Berri in San Sebastián, Spain. There was so much good food in October! Also worth mentioning are El Changarrito in Barcelona, Santarpio’s Pizza in Boston, and the food at our wedding (burgers and fries)!


Tacos at Taco Bamba in Falls Church, VA. Pictured above is La Poutina; I also had El Gringo. SO GOOD!!!


Kimchi-Wa bowl at Beefsteak in DC. The flavors were reminiscent of Korea and wholly satisfying (next time I’d add an egg).

What good things did you eat in 2015?

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