The Mystery Date: A Fun Idea for Couples

Recently Jeff and I have been taking each other on mystery dates. One of us plans a date, but doesn’t tell the other what will happen – just tells them the basics they need to know.

If you are into surprises, this is great fun! The title says it’s a fun idea for couples, but honestly, I think it could be just as great with friends or even groups of friends. You have to trust each other a little bit, and make sure you’re not including anybody who would do something mean-spirited (like sign you up for hang gliding when you’re terrified of heights).

Our first mystery date was on a weekend. Jeff planned it. He told me when we would leave, that we would take metro, and what sort of thing I should wear (nice but casual, with good walking shoes).

I was excited leading up to it. I had no idea what to expect. We ended up heading towards Georgetown. First we got mini pies at Pie Sisters, which is where we bought the pies for our wedding. Then we walked around and peeked in the shops. We walked over to the Kennedy Center and saw a performance at the Millennium Stage, an indie folk band called Luray. It was great. Afterwards we had a lovely dinner at ENO Wine Bar.

For the following month, it was my turn. I made us a reservation for dinner at Doi Moi, a Southeast Asian place in U Street. And I got us tickets to “Al Night Long,” a Weird-Al themed burlesque show.

It was really fun to be on the planning side, too. Jeff was really excited and amazed and delighted by the actual date.

Since then, Jeff has planned one, where we had dinner at Cusbah Spice Bar on H Street and then went to the DC Air Sex Championships at Rock and Roll Hotel. It was weird and quirky and funny and a great time.

So, as you can see, the mystery dates don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. They can be pretty simple, even simpler than the ones we’ve done. But it’s a fun time and can make for a good story! It certainly is a break in the usual routine.

Let me know if you go on any mystery dates!

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