2016 in Pictures

While the year seemed a bit of a downer for the world, it was a pretty good year personally. We got a decent amount of exploration in. Here are some pictures to recap our year!


View from our cabin in Luray. We did our annual board gaming weekend, celebrated our birthdays, and I searched for a job and saw Matilda at the Kennedy Center.


Part of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. We spent a cold Valentine’s Day weekend in Philadelphia, and I got a new job. I took a week off and we spent part of it in Orlando going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We did a French pastry class at Sur La Table. I started my new job on leap day.


City Center DC. We hung out with friends, tried some new restaurants, and started planning our Brazil trip for August.


A whimsical kite at the National Kite Festival. We went to the Sakura Matsuri festival as well as the Kite Festival, visited friends in Baltimore, and went indoor skydiving.


A view of Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. We tried new restaurants, went to the embassy open house day, tried our luck in the Post Hunt, and visited friends in Pittsburgh.


The Potomac on a pretty morning. I walked a 5K, Jeff found a new job, and we looked for a new apartment.


Fireworks in Alexandria. We moved to a different neighborhood, Jeff started his new job, and we finished planning our Brazil trip.


Produce at a market in Rio. We visited Rio for the Olympics, saw Iguazu Falls and Ilha Grande, and competed in trivia semi-finals.


A fountain in Central Park, NYC. We went to New York for a wedding, caught lots of Pokemon in Central Park, competed in trivia finals (did not win), and went to the National Book Festival.


Monacacy National Battlefield, Frederick, Maryland. We celebrated our anniversary in Frederick, I started belly dancing classes, we went to my 10 year high school reunion, I went to the Washington International Horse Show with my mom, and we had the best couples’ costume at a Snapchat-themed Halloween party (we went as face swap).


A Chincoteague pony that hangs out by the McDonald’s in Chincoteague. I completed NaNoWriMo, we celebrated Friendsgiving and then Thanksgiving with my parents, and we voted.


Jeff and I aproned up for an Indian food cooking class at CulinAerie. We attended the DC Food & Entertainment Show, went to some holiday parties, met up with my parents and grandparents to exchange gifts, and spent Christmas with Jeff’s family.

How was your year?

One thought on “2016 in Pictures

  1. Karen crim

    Hi, Rachel!! Its Karen Crim ,Laurens mom. Just saw your blog site and really enjoying your travel adventures. What fun! Enjoy while your young. Hope you are well . are you married ? Do you have children? So so good to see picture of you. Your cute as ever. Jeff is handsome too. Sounds like your enjoying life I will continue to follow you and your journey. Stay safe and happy xo

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