How to Combine Exercise and Cuteness into One Glorious Activity

One day not too long ago, I read a blog post that caught my eye. It was this adorable post from Alex in Wanderland on goat yoga. When I read it, my face basically became the heart eyes emoji and I knew right away – I needed to do this.

Goat yoga, if you have not already seen pictures of it, is more or less what it sounds like. It’s a yoga class, and there are goats. When I went, you went to the goats, but sometimes it’s the other way around.

Goat yoga

Goat yoga started in August 2016 with a class at a farm in Oregon. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the idea really took off and is now becoming something of a phenomenon.

It turns out that people like goats, and doing yoga with them. I am no exception. I haven’t done a lot of yoga, and have wanted to try more for a while. So goat yoga seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Goat yoga

I was also already a huge fan of goats, and this experience made me fall totally in love.

Jeff and I drove out an hour west of DC to Little Goat Farm at the Lake, near Manassas, and joined the throng walking towards the goat field. Seriously – there were 150 people there.

Goat yoga

You could buy a cup of feed for $1, which we did. We saw a baby goat and went to cuddle it. Then we spread our mats in a shady spot and played with goats until class started.

The yoga itself was mixed-level, and had plenty of breaks. During one break, a goat decided it liked my lap and plopped right down. I stopped doing yoga for a little while. Most people were pretty distracted, actually.

Goat yoga

The goats were super friendly and curious. While none of them jumped on people’s backs like some photos I’ve seen, they nonetheless interacted a lot with people.

The alpacas that were also in the field were a lot less interested in people, but they were definitely cute.

Goat yoga

After the class, there was another hour that you could play with the goats. We got to cuddle a bunch of cute babies! I felt wonderful afterwards.

Goat yoga

I would absolutely recommend goat yoga to anyone who likes animals, fresh air, and a bit of exercise. Our session cost $30 each and was put on by Beth A. Wolfe Yoga. Beth teaches a number of unique yoga classes, including ones with puppies and kittens!

Would you do goat yoga?


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