Adventurous Activities to Try in the DC Area

Live in or near Washington, DC? Looking for something fun to get up to, that’s maybe outside of your normal activities? Here are a few options that you might enjoy. I’ll first include the things we’ve tried.

Aerial Silks



I first tried aerial silks as part of my bachelorette party in 2015. We did a private intro class. Since then, I’ve taken a few additional classes (though none recently as I injured my shoulder the last time I went). However, it was an extremely fun thing to do, and I recommend it.

Where to Do It: Urban Evolution, Alexandria (be aware the site has an auto-play video). You will need to first take a 90 minute intro class, which runs $40. Not particularly metro accessible. They have apparently just opened a new Sterling location if that is easier. Trapeze School New York in Navy Yard also has silks classes.

Aerial Yoga



You’re much lower in aerial yoga than you are in aerial silks, and you’re doing yoga, plus it’s more of a hammock. But there’s a decent overlap in movements and techniques. An appeal for me of aerial yoga (besides it being cool and fun) was that you could do more advanced yoga moves more easily.

Where to Do It: SparkYoga, Arlington. There is a required 75 minutes intro class, which you can pay at the drop-in rate of $33 (or purchase a class pack to lower the price). This location is a 15 minute walk from Clarendon or Courthouse stations. Their DC location does not offer aerial.




Unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen! Archery is a lot of fun. We have our own equipment and belong to a range in Lorton, which has a lot of fun courses that involve a nice stroll in the woods. However, I’d recommend getting started with a class if you haven’t done it before.

Where to Do It: The best option I’ve found in the area for first-timers is probably to stop by a meeting of the DC Archery Club, which, while I haven’t been, offers beginner lessons at their weekly meetups (be sure to contact the organizers in advance to be sure they can accommodate you) at Lake Needwood. I shoot at Northern Virginia Archers at Fountainhead Regional Park. It’s a great range, but certainly a drive.

Belly Dancing

I have been belly dancing regularly since last October. I have found it a fun way to work out, and the studio is very welcoming. It’s definitely worth a try. Don’t fret if you have no dance experience – I was hopeless in other dance classes I’ve taken, but the intro class really broke things down in a way I was able to get! Best part is that you basically only need yourself and some workout clothes. You even dance barefoot!

Where to Do It: Saffron Dance, Arlington. I recommend a 4-week crash course to start ($80), but for just a small taste you can do a one-time workshop ($10 if registered in advance). The studio is a short walk from Claredon metro. There’s also Sahara Dance with locations in Tenleytown and Silver Spring.

Indoor Skydiving

I can’t seem to find pictures from when I did this, but it was entertaining. It was a Christmas present. You can also certainly do the real thing a little ways out of the city, but for a less terrifying taste, this could be fun.

Where to Do It: iFly Loudoun, Ashburn, VA. Not metro accessible. I actually went in Virginia Beach, but this is the closest to DC. Starts at $80 per person.


Running and jumping on things! This is another class that Urban Evolution offers. Again, they have a $40 intro class that you must take first.

Rock Climbing



I started rock climbing with Jeff in college. We don’t go as often now, but it’s still fun. There are some great gyms in the DC area.

Where to Do It: My choice is Earth Treks Crystal City. It’s very new and really nice, and right by the metro. They’ve got intro classes for $39 including the equipment rental. They also have a Rockville location. Sportrock is the other main option, with locations in Alexandria and Sterling. I’ve been to all of these gyms, and they’re all good.

Ropes Course

There is a new class of ropes course out there that allows you to go off on your own. The one we went to had a clipping-in system that only allows one carabiner to be openable at a time, ensuring that you can’t accidentally unclip yourself. We tried one of these in Virginia Beach, but there are also a couple in the DC area that we look forward to trying. It was extremely fun.

Where to Do It: Go Ape in Springfield or Rockville. A 2-3 hour session costs $58.

Other Activities

Of course, that’s not the full extent of cool things you can do in the DC area. You can take trapeze lessons at Trapeze School New York in Navy Yard. You can take a trail ride on a horse in Rock Creek Park (actually, I’ve done this already!). And of course there are all kinds of great classes in the area like cooking classes, art classes, and more.

What adventurous things have you done in the DC area?


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