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I’m really Not Feeling It today, but I still want to get a blog post out the door to complete my one-post-a-day challenge for November. So here are a few hobbies I’ve been spending time on lately.



I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m reading a lot. I’m up to 155 books this year according to my Goodreads tally. Which is kind of insane. But I’m having fun doing it!

Learning to Crochet

I started learning to crochet at the beginning of the year. I’m going through the B.Hooked Learn to Crochet Youtube series for left-handers (they have right-handed videos as well). My next video is crocheting a newborn beanie. I better hurry up while I still know a newborn…

My eventual goal is to be able to complete the Star Wars crochet kit I got for Christmas last year.

Learning Kanji

Since April, I’ve been teaching myself to read kanji on WaniKani. The spaced repetition system works well for me and I knew a lot of kanji when I visited Japan! And now my love of Japan makes me want to keep learning.

Online Trivia League

I’m now a member of Learned League, an invite-only daily online trivia league. Jeff does it too, and this season we are in the same group so we have competed against each other. It’s fun! But hard.


I got a cross-stitch kit so I could stitch something up for a Christmas present (I was hoping to have gotten to the point by now where I could crochet cute things for people, but I didn’t get there). I did some cross-stitch in middle school so it’s not a new skill, but I did have to look up some quick videos to refresh my memory.

Assembling Model Kits

The last model kit I did was the model of Kinkaku-ji that I mentioned yesterday. I bought several other kits in Japan, on top of the two plastic model car kits that I already had, so I’ll be continuing to do these as the mood strikes me. I find them soothing.

So that’s pretty much it lately, besides perhaps making obsessive lists and spreadsheets. I made a spreadsheet to track various reading goals, like reading a book from every country (it has columns for a book set in and written by an author from each country), among other things. I do love tracking things, which is probably its own hobby. I’ve also been using the One Second Everyday App to record a brief daily video that gets put together into a longer video each month or whatever you set it to do. I just started that in October.

What hobbies have you been spending time on recently?


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