About Us

World Flavor is run by the duo of Rachel and Jeff. Here’s some basic facts about us.

About Rachel


I am a graduate of William and Mary in Anthropology and Classical Studies who isn’t ready to ‘grow up’ and ‘get a job.’ Instead, I want to travel and discover the world. I love experiencing new cultures. Also, I love eating – I will try just about anything once! I grew up riding horses, and I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie. I also just finished a writing course with Matador U.

About Jeff

I grew up with at least 20 supermarkets within a 15 minute drive including Asian, Latin American, gourmet, bulk, and regular stores. Is it any wonder I love to try anything I can get my hands on? I worked at the US Census Bureau for a couple years and with my occasional business travel food allowance, I was introduced to the wonderful world of paying huge amounts of money for single meals. Expensive ingredients aren’t everything though and I can be just as appreciative of gas station tacos or food carts. In addition to food and travel, I love reading, complex board games, and people.

About Us

In August 2011 we began a year of teaching English in South Korea with the EPIK program.We were located in Incheon, which is a city of 2 million not far from the capital of Seoul. After our year was up we traveled around the world for 10 months, starting in Mongolia. You can check out all our round-the-world trip posts here. We are currently taking a break at home and planning a 2-month US road trip.

Things you will find on this blog include: travel posts, city reviews, posts about food, posts about horseback riding, and posts about various adventure sports activities like kayaking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, etc. If you like any or all of those things, I hope you’ll read!

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