Foodie Friday

A Tale of Two Donuts

We went to Philadelphia over Valentine’s Day weekend this year. It was also a long weekend, and we thought we’d make the most of our day off. A friend of ours has a sister who lives in the city and…

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Latest Eats in Northern Virginia

Last July I gave you a glimpse into what we’d been eating in our current location, and now seems like a great time to update that! I’ve expanded beyond Arlington to get a better glimpse at what’s available in the…

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Latest Eats in DC

Even though we aren’t currently living in DC, we still go in to the city quite regularly (or, for Jeff, every day, since he works in the city). Here’s where we’ve been eating. Beefsteak This is Jose Andres’s fast casual…

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Latest Eats in Arlington

While we still have the chance to travel occasionally, we are currently pretty well immersed in the day-to-day of working 9-to-6 office jobs. It’s not like we don’t have fun or try new restaurants, though, so I’d like to premiere…

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What Being a Foodie Means to Me

I noticed an article the other day, linked by somebody or other on Facebook. It was a Travel + Leisure article, entitled “America’s Best Cities for Food Snobs.” I clicked. I’m a sucker for lists, and food, and lists of…

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The Best Food of Our Road Trip

The US road trip that we just took was pretty awesome. Seeing friends and family was wonderful, as was visiting some of the country’s beautiful places. You know us, though, and so you may have guessed that one of our…

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Taste Hungary Food Tour

When does food always taste best? When you taste… hungry! During out week in Budapest (pronounced with an -esht) Taste Hungary offered us a discounted (19,000 FT → 5,000 FT/ person) food tour of the city. And if they like…

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Our Favorite Turkish Foods and Where to Find Them

We really ate well in Turkey. And that’s because Turkish food is one of the most delicious cuisines we’ve encountered. Here are our favorite foods, and where to eat them in Istanbul, or elsewhere in Turkey in some cases. İskender…

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Where to Eat in Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China is very much a tourist town. According to some locals I spoke with, it used to be most popular with Western backpackers (who are still abundant), but today there are more and more visitors from other parts of…

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Our Favorite Restaurant in Chiang Mai

When we moved to Chiang Mai, we of course made sure to look up the best places to eat. We looked at TripAdvisor and also at various blog posts, one of which was this round-up of dessert places at Never…

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