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How to Read a Malaysian Menu

Malaysia, having been a British colony, is a rather English-friendly destination. English has become the language of communication for the variety of ethnic groups that call Malaysia home. But there is one place where English has not made much of…

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Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Sandwich

By now you probably realize that I love sandwiches. Love, love, love ‘em. I could eat a sandwich every day and not get tired of them. This has been known to happen. Sometimes I make truly excellent sandwiches. Here are…

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A Few Tips on Applying for EPIK

As most of you know, last year we taught English in South Korea with EPIK (English Program in Korea). Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel and make decent money, and if you want to go to Korea…

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Angkor Temple Visiting Tips

What do you imagine when you hear the words Angkor Wat? Have you heard of the place? Do you imagine a jungle-covered temple, a bunch of towers at sunrise, or something else? Many people don’t realize that when you talk…

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Adventures in Currency

Living in the US your whole life and always using the oh-so-mighty dollar, one gets used to a few things that you never realize might be different until you start traveling. For instance, it’s so easy to just google the…

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Poste Restante: The most useful travel service you’ve never heard of

Receiving Mail on Vacation You might recall a mention some months ago about me losing my card to one of Mongolia’s terrible ATMs (remember, never use Khan Bank). Since this was my only way to pay for things, it left…

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How to Find Tasty Restaurants Anywhere

It hardly needs to be said at this point that we love eating. We’re certainly foodies but not necessarily gourmets – in other words, we aren’t too bothered about how expensive the restaurant is (as long as it’s within our…

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How to Make Local Friends Wherever You Go

When you’re traveling long-term, you often don’t want to just be passing through all the time. Sometimes you want to take a moment and meet people and make local friends. Also, making friends with locals is a fantastic way to…

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Some Budget Accommodation Options

We’re on a pretty tight budget, especially on this first half of our trip – since Asia’s a bit cheaper in general, we want to spend less here to have more money for Europe. One area where savings can be…

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Things to Be Careful of in Ulaanbaatar

As mentioned previously, we weren’t huge fans of Ulaanbaatar. We had a few difficulties there as well, and this post is to help you learn from our mistakes. Here are some cautions for when you are visiting UB. Caution #1…

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